4 Quick SEO Tips To Help You Make More Money From Home

Every day, thousands devise creative SEO strategies to move their websites to that coveted number-one spot on the search engines. It is most likely that you have been doing the same. The problem gets even more frustrating when your website gets close enough to the top spot but not quite there. If you are still struggling with this problem, here are four SEO tips to help you get over that hump and into the top spot. If nothing else, it should bring a feeling of great satisfaction. Hopefully, it will also mean that you will use this success with the search engines to make more money from home using the Internet.

SEO Tip 1 – Look At What The Competition is Doing and Create Better SEO Strategies

There is a good reason why other websites are ranking higher than yours and possibly making their owners more money. Chances are, they have optimized their “on-page” SEO techniques to organize better than yours. You can quickly find out what they are doing and emulate them. Here are a few things to look for. Look at what keywords they are using in their page titles and descriptions. Look out for meta tags and how they are being used. Are they using related keywords instead of just the one you are fighting for?



Look for anchor text as well. Many web admins will even hyphenate their keywords or make them bold. If you search for an SEO book, you will find a free toolbar that is very useful in dissecting web pages. This tool will give you almost 30 different pieces of information about a website. A quick example is that I used this tool to discover that I do not have my primary website listed a DMOZ.org! I am ashamed to admit it, but it is true. I have since fixed the problem, though.

SEO Tip 2 – Shoot for Double Ranking of Your Keyword(s)

Tip number two is a brilliant idea that can put money in the bank. Go for Double Ranking of your keyword. If you search your keywords without quotation marks (” “), you may find that you have at least two pages in the top two or three pages of the SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages). You can use this to your advantage. It would help if you optimized the pages for the same keywords, then placed reciprocal links on them.

This is almost like creating a link wheel with a few spokes missing. The search engines will reward you for this and move your page(s) up the ranking. If you do not have double rankings for the same keywords, you can still get extra search engine love by getting backlinks to pages already optimized for your main keyword. Use these SEO tips to good advantage by practicing.

SEO Tip 3 – Be Very Aware of Your Best Backlink Sources.

It would help to see who provides your best links with the keyword you are trying to rank for. Here is a case in point. I recently looked at all the traffic I got from Search engines and other pages. I was most surprised that most of my traffic did not come from Google, as I thought! No. Instead, that spot was reserved for a blog I cannot even remember visiting. Somehow I have a link on it, and I get a lot of visitors from that link. I was shocked. So, now that I know that, I am looking at the other blogs that are also well-ranked and can be seen as authority sites. The point is to know where you are getting link juice from to up the ante.

If you are unsure whether your links will be powerful enough to benefit you, use a tool like Inkscape to calculate your MozRank. Unlike other tools focusing only on the number of connections, this will tell you the quality of that incoming link(s). This information will be able to tell you what to do next. If your competitors have a higher MozRank, you need to improve yours. If your MozRank is higher but still cannot rank above them, you probably have issues with either on-page optimization or poor anchor texts. Either way, you will find out what needs to be done to improve your seo strategy and move that page up the SERPs.

SEO Tip 4 – Make Good Use of Google Webmaster Tool

Deciding to use the Google Webmaster tool may be the best thing you can do to optimize your website. SEO tips are good to know but better when you practice them. Google has some great tools that will help you do the following:

a. make sure that you have a sitemap submitted,
b. find duplicate tags and descriptions and fix them
, c. See if search engine spiders are finding your pages
d. find out if you have 404 pages on your site
, e. Tell Google how to index your images as well as pages.

These SEO tips will be a great addition to your SEO strategy. Moving your website to the top of the SERPs is possible by taking these four steps today. Discover more useful: SEO Tips at Anthony’s Authority Website. You will also find useful and pertinent tips for finding sweet success online when you visit. Online Wealth Building Tips.