5 Unexpected Reasons for Personal Loan Rejection

A Brief Overview

While unfortunate, there could be many reasons why a personal loan you apply for gets rejected. Personal loans are ordinarily approved for those borrowers that can furnish a good credit score, have limited financial liabilities, have a good income, and don’t have any records of defaulting any payments owed by them.

If these factors don’t hold for a borrower, their loan application can be rejected. That being said, there are also several more minute reasons why a personal loan application could be denied. Because these reasons are minuscule and not always easy to catch, applicants might neglect them. That said, lenders may see them and reject the application. Read on to understand what these unexpected reasons for personal loan rejection are.

5 Unexpected Reasons for Personal Loan Rejection

Surprising reasons why personal loan applications can be rejected are as follows.

Reason #1. Signatures don’t match

Availing of a personal loan is a serious matter and involves using a uniform signature across the entire application. However, you can slip up and inadvertently sign differently in different places. It is essential to be careful and consistently sign in the same manner across the application for your loan to be approved quickly.

Reason #2. Credit report errors

Errors in your credit report can hinder your chances of getting approved for a personal loan. These errors can pertain to the incorrect reporting of payments, showing accounts that have been closed as still open, incorrect personal addresses, the wrong PAN, and so on. You must make it a point to check and review your credit report periodically. Doing so allows you to spot any errors and have them corrected on time to avoid the chances of your loan being rejected.


Reason #3. Forgetting to get the NOC from a previous lender

If you have closed a previous loan and are now seeking a new one, you must ensure you can avail of a no-objection certificate (or NOC) from your last lender. In case you haven’t, your loan application can be rejected. It can be problematic if the CIBIL report about your credit history does not feature a no-objection certificate. Lenders are strict regarding following rules and regulations about disbursing new loans. They will always expect you to furnish a no-objection certificate if you have borrowed funds in the past and returned them. It is, therefore, a must to have a NOC.

Reason #4. Inaccurate details

Personal loans can be rejected based on incorrect details being submitted by borrowers. Because private loans are unsecured, each of the details about yourself that you offer to your borrower is pored over and verified for authenticity. If they are incorrect, your loan can be rejected. It is, therefore, vital that you fill out your loan application with care.

Reason #5. Lender’s Defaulter Location List

Although this might sound odd, lenders often have a list of locations that stem from a high index of defaulters. This list mentions places, and those who seek to borrow funds from those addresses tend not to repay loans. Should your address fall under a location, your lender has deemed a defaulter’s hub, and you might find that your loan is rejected owing to the same.


Always submit your loan application after spending ample time on your application and filling out details carefully. Understand the personal loan eligibility, so you know whether you cut the same. Also, consider looking into Aadhar card loans which serve as personal loans. Visit Finserv MARKETS for more information.