6 Strange Mobile Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

As of February 2015, the full variety of Google Play and Apple Store apps has amounted to a whopping 2.8 million. For aspiring cell developers, that may be very inspiring and motivating or very intimidating; that’s understandable. But, with that kind of wide variety, you understand that, at the least, dozens of these are on the “weirder” side. Although it may be defended via announcing that the margin of new thoughts is getting thinner, you can not additionally help; however, be confused by some of them. So, how bizarre has it gone? You are probably amazed.

Mobile Apps


What an excellent way to start, proper? We figured that if we put “6 Strange Mobile Apps” within the name, we must begin it this way. This is quite self-explanatory (A lot of them are): do your “business,” take a photo of the location, share it inside the app, and it is finished. You can now maintain the music of the places where you’ve dropped the “deuce.” It also has that usual social media experience with the “News Feed,” in which you may see your buddies’ own “enterprise” updates, and no longer best that, the pictures can also be rated.


This app’s creators say it could stumble on what a cry intended. Now, earlier than you assert that it is loopy, clinical testing from a sanatorium in Spain stated that more than 90% of the infants they tested stopped crying after they had followed the app’s guidelines. It became an amazing search for them. But, the user reviews, which are as critical as possible, inform a specific story. As of this writing, the app’s common score in the Apple Store is two stars. The remaining few reviews didn’t assist either; all panned the app’s inaccuracy. One even stated that “(the app) was nothing more than a novelty.” While it’s miles true in many approaches, it is still puzzling how and why all of us could pay $five for this – even $1 sounds excessive.


It’s quite simple… And a little gross for many. It turned into famous for a while. However, their share of critics was additionally sturdy, splitting human beings’ reviews very flippantly. Our “self-explanatory” subject remains in play. So, yeah, this app lets you pop pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and scabs in a timed mission. Their mini-games encompass Memory Game and Bubble Shooter, which challenge your reminiscence of the sport’s sound FX and capacity to organize pimple-looking bubbles, respectively. Well, thinking about the entirety, it is probably safe to mention that the developers of this app should like this form of nastiness. Here are many of their other creations: Pimplefy My Face, Pimple Popper Season, and Pimple Popper Pixel.


Now, this one proper right here is pissing off a lot of feminists. An app that caters to guys (or women) is untrue? Seriously? It isn’t easy to trust. Others will have a few amusing with it, but you can’t say that a few will use it for “womanizing” motives. It stores giant information such as names, items given, a region of dates, and several key pieces of information unfaithful individuals want so they won’t get caught. So, those with “plans,” download it and knock yourself out, but be prepared if your giant other reveals out and “knocks you out.”

GHOST HUNTING APPS (Spirit Box, Ghost Detector, Ghost Voice Recorder, Ghost Hunter – Paranormal Activity, etc.) We might not lose consciousness of just one app for this item; there are too many of them, as indicated above. Functionality-clever, their direction vary in quite a few ways; they are all similar in a single declaration: they can discover ghosts. It may be fascinating to folks interested in the “paranormal international.” That stated, no one can deny that this app has a lot of novelty.

This is not absolutely about ghosts being real or not, but an app saying it may locate ghosts is certainly now not the most plausible component in the global. Some reviews we’ve examined online say that the app can gather voices. We’ll give them the slightest advantage of the doubt. Still, it is hard to consider that the audio is from ghosts, specifically in this awful modernized, high-tech international we live in.


Watching Cute Girl, in reality, takes the cake while you talk about odd apps. Please leave it to the Japanese to increase things like these. They will push the envelope without hesitation, no matter the topic. The premise is straightforward: if you’re alone (or at least feeling on your own), the app will make you forget who you are. The “looking lovable woman” is right on your telephone as you launch the app, looking at you even as you do whatever it’s miles you are doing. That’s no longer all, although: she speaks, actions, and talks to you. It’s like Siri with a face and frame; however, now not as beneficial… And you’d be, in all likelihood, extra crept out with “Watching Cute Girl.”