Best Content Management Systems of 2016

Content management Jack Blog system, commonly known as CMS, is software that you run on your own server to manage and publish your website content easily. A typical content management system enables users to upload new images, videos, animation, documents, and JavaScript, in addition to other features. The biggest advantage of using CMS solutions is that they are highly cost-effective and allow companies to change their website frequently. There are many content management systems available in the market; you’ll have to try them out yourself to choose the best one per your business requirements.


Today, started as a blogging platform, WordPress is the most popular open-source web publishing platform, preferred by Google. At present, WordPress is considered one of the most intuitive and user-friendly platforms, and WordPress powers almost 26% of all websites on the Internet. The biggest strength of WordPress is its fast installation and the huge user and developer community that results in a wide array of plugins. In a nutshell, WordPress allows users to build a website or start a blog without any technical knowledge.


Joomla is another popular web publishing platform that is extremely powerful and flexible. The platform is considered a developer-friendly tool for building complex sites. Although Joomla can produce the most advanced sites, it requires a lot of technical expertise compared to other popular platforms. Today, Joomla is used for developing the most potent online applications and websites such as e-commerce websites, business websites, informative websites, and corporate websites.


Drupal is one more free and open-source CMS for creating new websites. The system is quite flexible and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any business. Drupal is regarded as more technically advanced than WordPress and Joomla because its pages load more quickly and have faster response times. Today, Drupal is considered a suitable platform for developing social networking websites, forums, informative websites, portals, and web applications.

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TextPattern is another perfect solution for creating blogs and corporate websites with a flexible design engine and direct admin interface. This free and open-source platform is really flexible and easy to use. In TextPattern, there are over 120 readily available front-end themes. However, there are some back-end admin themes also for customizing the user experience for content creators. The unique thing about TextPattern is that it features a native anti-spam system to block unwanted comments. Alka Singh writes regularly about the latest technology trends in mobile apps development, online marketing, and e-commerce platforms. To find out more about CMS solutions, you can visit our website.