Designing Your Dream Life – Make Your Vision a Reality

If you have been designing a custom domestic, your dream house, the residence you have constantly wanted, where could you begin? The chances are that you might start via contacting an architect who would assist you place your ideas, your imaginative and prescient, on paper. The architect could ask you, “What form of the house did you have in thoughts? What did you envision?” The technique could start with an idea of what you wanted. You might literally see the house to your thoughts, whether or not it changed into a residence openly connected to the outside or a formal residence in that you felt relaxed.

You might have some concept of how the rooms could be connected and the areas of the residence that you would use for enjoyment, for dozing, for consuming, and so forth. In short, you would have an idea of what you wanted the house to symbolize. From the preliminary conversations with the architect to the sketches to real blueprints that could be despatched out for bids with the aid of a contractor, you would see your thoughts become a concrete plan. And this plan might guide the contractor to build your dream house. You would no longer be surprised if it took months to increase this plan or even years, relying upon the degree of complexity and the information that had been to be covered in the house. The more information, the much less likely there can be troubles alongside the manner.

Yet, when it comes to constructing our lives, we rarely hear humans say that they have a “lifestyles plan.” Most human beings spend very little time developing a plan for their lifestyles. Fewer even consider writing a lifestyles plan. Most human beings’ lives seem like they were evolved while not having a plan. People’s lives seem like they have been thrown together haphazardly inside the hopes that they might work. People have lives that don’t have architectural integrity; they don’t grasp collectively as a whole. Parts in their lives are paintings, while different parts are falling apart. Much like a residence constructed without a plan, the living room may work, but the kitchen would not seem to suit the rest of the house. The rooms seem off, skewed as if they had been banged together like such a lot of boxes.


Imagine what your existence might appear to be if you truly designed it in the same manner as you would design your dream house.* Imagine in case your existence had the same attention to an element, the equal integrity, and the equal feel of artistry as a custom-built house you would like to own and stay in. Imagine how you would sense dwelling that life, as you would experience dwelling in your dream house. The question is, “Are you inclined to position inside the effort and time to design, plan, and construct your dream existence?” Henry David Thoreau declared that most people stay in the lives of quiet desperation. There isn’t any doubt that the oldsters to whom Thoreau became referring did not design their lives. The reality is that the maximum of us truly fall into our lives. It develops around us as we pursue our careers, motherhood, or merely seek to make ends meet.

We regularly appreciate different people’s lives, homes, careers, activities, etc. And suppose that we could not have something that even resembled theirs. The most effective purpose the ones “others” appear to have what we want is because they took the time to devise for it. They placed in the energy to be innovative, regardless of how much money they’d, they designed their state of affairs with maximum attention to an element. You do now not must have the first-class that money can purchase; you can have the excellent that your personal circumstances allow. It takes desire, time, commitment, energy, creativity, subject, and the motivation to make one’s goals come genuine. As Napoleon Hill proclaimed, “conceive it, believe it, attain it!”

I perform from the idea that a life based on a good notion out, certain, and the integrated plan might be more enjoyable than one that isn’t always. I, in addition, accept as true that having this kind of plan, in writing and following it, whilst at the same time making modifications as needed, can be more rewarding and more balanced. If all of the parts of your life are included in an entire, you may enjoy a notable feel of electricity. You could be capable of reach a higher stage of mastery over your world and recognize extra of your human potential.

Re-Modeling vs. Building New

*Throughout this essay, I might be evaluating constructing or reworking a house to the method of designing and developing a life for yourself. This is a convenient analogy. I understand that sometimes there are numerous similarities between domestic constructing or re-modeling to building and making plans a life; there are numerous vast variations. A home is static, while existence is dynamic. However, the idea of planning, designing, building lifestyles is analogous to building a home. In both instances, one needs to plan; one needs to be conscious. All of the parts should work together which will have a well-built life or home.

When we think about designing a home, we often should confront the difficulty of whether we must re-version our modern residence, buy another domestic, or construct a brand new home. When it comes to our lives, however, few folks have the choice of whether to create a completely new existence or re-model the life we’ve. We truly can not exit and buy another life, a life that someone else has already lived! We cannot really discard the lifestyles we have and begin anew; we are already dwelling lifestyles. We can’t say, “Stop the world; I need to get off!” so I can build a new life for myself. Therefore, we ought to inn to re-modeling the existence we’ve.

Once we determine to re-model, we should do a radical inspection and evaluation. This inspection will help decide the imaginative and prescient plan for what we want to accomplish and determine the parameters of life that are possible in the constraints of our instances. The inspection consists of an assessment of the infrastructure and basis. We must examine our persona, history, beliefs, values, aspirations, hopes, and so on. This non-public stock will considerably affect the lifestyles we construct. Sometimes it’s miles necessary to do some critical soul-searching; now and then, it can require that we name in a consultant to assist us paintings through a few mental troubles that affect our functioning. The point is we can not re-version our lives on a shaky foundation any extra than we should remodel a home on a shaky basis.

When remodeling, we should have a plan in mind, and it needs to be installed in writing. Writing out the plan continues us targeted. It keeps us heading in the right direction. We could make notes as we pass along, correcting and modifying as needed. In architectural terms, these are known as subject adjustments, i.E., modifications made in the subject to bear in mind new data. Hence, flexibility is vital.

A Life Vision

So now that we recognize the idea, how will we begin designing your life? As with another design, designing an existence starts offevolved with an imaginative and prescient. If we are going to have an imaginative and prescient, the vision should be complete. It has to cover all areas of your lifestyle, as you would love to stay in it. Your vision ought to be vivid, crisp, so much so that while you visualize yourself in your existence, you could almost sense it as although it had been actual. There is no sense in visualizing a sloppy existence. If you have been visualizing yourself playing golf, you won’t visualize bad pictures. You might visualize yourself self-gambling as the best sport. Every shot could be strong and proper. Similarly, when you visualize your existence, it should be strong and proper. To visualize your existence, you should understand what is going right into a nicely balanced existence.