Don’t Get Hacked, Protect Your Website

Protect Your WordPress and Your Business

Of course, security concerns are also quite common. While WordPress offers users a content  Graet Intelligence management system (CMS) that’s versatile and easily updated, issues still arise when users attempt to add or change content. That, in essence, suggests users may need help to keep their website secure and functioning optimally.

A recent 2016 example comes from a law firm running a vulnerable version of a slider plugin. The vulnerability allowed the code to be exploited almost effortlessly, giving the hacker complete access to the website and all information it contained and had access to. It is considered the largest data breach in journalism history and has put many public figures under the spotlight amidst the controversy.

Why Maintenance is Crucial

Site maintenance is, arguably, more important now than ever before. In the past, it was possible to create a site and leave it alone for extended periods. That’s no longer possible today, as search engine algorithms penalize sites for not routinely updating their content. Site updates are far easier to accomplish when all maintenance tasks are up to date. That means updates are installed to ensure every site function works properly. Glitches tend to send website visitors scurrying to competing sites quickly.

Other maintenance chores site owners may experience trouble with include installing new plugins or removing outdated ones. WordPress constantly adds features to make the CMS user-friendly, meaning some features may no longer work properly if the correct plugins are not installed. Typical WordPress maintenance chores are often overlooked when site owners attempt to maintain all maintenance without professional assistance.



Seemingly innocuous chores like updating a site map are easily overlooked, but doing so can have significant consequences. Google and other search engine crawl sites routinely look for issues making the area less user-friendly. Outdated site maps are red flags to Google, resulting in lower page rankings for areas that rapidly impact bottom-line results for business owners. Maintenance professionals routinely check client sites for issues affecting Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Security Issues Negatively Impact Sites

Every website owner is or should be concerned about their website security. Security issues frequently pop up even when using a reliable CMS like WordPress. Hackers easily exploit vulnerabilities. Any security breaches can potentially damage a site or, at a minimum, the site’s reputation. The WordPress security and maintenance experts work with site owners to ensure updates are installed as quickly as they become available to prevent unauthorized intrusions.

Even with the best security, a site’s security can be breached. That type of occurrence can result in data loss or the site’s corruption. Maintenance experts routinely work with clients to establish reliable off-site backups to restore a place should a catastrophe occur. When WordPress security is compromised, it’s important to have professionals on hand to assist with recovery efforts and establish protocols to minimize future threats.

Security and Maintenance Professionals Should Be Part of the Team

Because dealing with website security and maintenance issues is critical if a website functions properly and safely, working with professionals is strongly recommended by industry experts. Business owners can free up their time to do what they do best – run a business – when they decide to consult WordPress experts for help. Protect your WordPress website and your information with the Deluxe WP Maintenance & Security Plan Neu Media Solutions LLC provided. With top-of-the-line WordPress security measures, you’ll have the best protection available.