Giving Children a Sporting Chance

“It changed during a subsidized rugby union visit to Cambodia when I saw children dwelling in squalor on the Stung Meanchey Municipal Waste Dump in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. Despite the terrible conditions these youngsters have been residing in, they still had hope and happiness in their eyes,” says Greening.


Greening became motivated to get concerned while noticing the difference sports activities ought to make to them. Two boys who had grown up on the dump, and had been given help from a volunteer, were now representing Cambodia on the countrywide rugby crew. He quickly realized his knowledge could extend toward assisting these kids. Greening says, “In most cases, recreation is last on the listing regarding a charity’s investment and objectives. Knowing that sports have remarkable healing value, I believe that the ethics learned on a sports subject – obligation, leadership, and teamwork – are transferable to any surroundings. We set up this charity to allow children to benefit some remedy thru various sports and benefit self-self belief.”

Kick a Ball

This happened to the Sporting Chance Foundation to enhance the lives of underprivileged children – whether they may be inner-city kids from London or toddler prostitutes in Vietnam. As long as they want to kick a ball, the charity must continually kick it lower back. “Sporting Chance Foundation established itself by imparting the requirements to make this transformation – meals, shelter, and clothing,” Greening explains, “and we have endeavored to provide every infant with a fixed of traits so one can expect ultimate them a lifetime.”

Jonny Wilkinson Steps Up

Calling upon excessive-profile pals, Greening won assists from sports and media personalities, along with England rugby World Cup heroes Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Leonard, Joel Stransky, main musician Heidi Range from the Sugababes, TV, and radio presenter Dave Berry, and ESPN STAR Sports presenter Charlie Webster. Each has pledged to dedicate their time and knowledge to ensure the charity reaches as many youngsters as feasible.

To maximize the impact of the Sporting Chance Foundation, Greening ensures that the charity works alongside current non-government establishments (NGOs). The charity will assist in supplying funding and wearing a device to orphanages and work directly with unique NGOs to improve the kids’ lives of their programs.

Greening says, “The charity presently works with three NGOs. Two are based in Phnom Penh, and 1/3 is a global charity, Touraid, based out of the United Kingdom. Touraid funds youngsters from much less advanced nations to journey and play a game abroad. The alliance with Touraid gives youngsters from Sporting Chance Foundation the opportunity to revel in new sector regions and study distinct cultures.”

Down in the Dumps

Funding from Sporting Chance, not simplest, supports their initiatives; if they see an NGO with a suitable cause, they will also help. On a current ride to Phnom Penh, Sporting Chance Foundation met up with two other NGOs: Friends and the Sunrise orphanage. Both had shelters set up to assist the metropolis’s Avenue kids. Friends, an inner-city haven, has successfully taken boys and women off the streets, but the kids had nowhere to run around. Sporting Chance Foundation proposed a sports corridor and playground within the shelter’s partitions.

Sunrise, based just outside the town, has a small soccer area. However, the girls in the shelter haven’t any carrying outlets. Sporting Chance Foundation drew up plans to construct a multi-reason gambling surface for the children to experience tennis, badminton, volleyball, and netball. This is simply the beginning of their work in Phnom Penh; they’ll retain to search for more worthwhile tasks in the metropolis.

Developing Coaches

Presently, the inspiration uses outside help with its creation initiatives and education. However, it intends to make the charity a hundred percent self-sufficient. Greening aims for youngsters coached in his programs to be coaches for younger sportsmen and ladies in the following era.

Currently, the Sporting Chance Foundation facilitates 2,000 children a day, ranging from toddlers with HIV to kids orphaned by landmines, dysfunctional households, or drug abuse. The charity hopes to sponsor kids via the nearby public college as finances grow. Ultimately it pursued to set up its center in Phnom Penh close to the college with dorms, a canteen, a sports area, and sporting facilities. Through Joel Stransky and Heidi Range, Sporting Chance Foundation is starting to use the Cambodian template to help an orphanage within the townships of South Africa.

An All-Star Team

Through his contacts within global rugby, Greening is also putting an all-big-name rugby crew collectively to play in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok to elevate the price range and growth typical recognition of the charity. Two younger boys from Cambodia can be invited to join the team for the excursion.

“The Foundation’s purpose is to ultimately assist kids in every nook of the arena. As a charity that works to a ‘non-compete’ principle, Sporting Chance Foundation overtly invites different charities to give an assisting hand, ensuing in a bigger effect in the direction of assisting the ones in want,” concludes Greening. Greening is presently dwelling and operating in Singapore with Standard Chartered Bank as Associate Director, Global Clients Relations & Entertainment for Wholesale Bank, continuing Standard Chartered’s commitment to children’s games and, particularly, Greening’s rugby recreation.