How Today’s Voters Are Too Much Like Sports Fans

Teams have slogans that the fans will not only advertise for free but actually pay for. They will support their team regardless of how bad they suck or how terrible they are performing. They will then wear the slogan loud and proud everywhere they go, like a walking billboard. When a fan sees another fan sporting the same logo, they become instant friends and agree about everything. When they see someone sporting the rival team’s logo, they become instant enemy combatants and disagree about everything regardless of substance.

Scandals, cheating, bad performance, horrible track records, and lying do not affect the opinion they have on their team. It only emphasizes the idea that someone is making stuff up, the fact that it was an accident, or it’s all lies. One team’s fans will show up to the other team’s game to show their team’s slogan off and let the other team know how much they suck. If someone critiques your team, they basically just stabbed you in the soul. If someone compliments your team, you feel as if you have been personally complimented because you feel as if you are solely responsible for your team’s success.

When one team is winning, they belittle the losing team. When that team starts losing, they attack and become violent to the other team’s supporters. Fans will put their team’s logo on their vehicle, so people behind them know how serious they are about that team. When there is a traffic confrontation, and the person at fault is sporting a team’s logo, that person is immediately judged by the team they support and nothing else.



If a team won, it is as if it was a personal achievement among the fan, and he was solely responsible for the win. If a team lost, the game was rigged, and the winner cheated. Some broadcast agencies favor a team and give biased opinions that are claimed to be fair and neutral. Other broadcast agencies make it their agenda to scrutinize every move a team makes, rendering them incompetent regardless of the true circumstances. When someone who doesn’t have a team is asked by someone who does have a team: “Who is your team?”

The smart person responds, “I don’t have a team.” That’s because the smart person does not need a team to force views and opinions into his head. He understands that politics should not be viewed as a partisan view where one side is bad and the other is good. Politics must not be treated as a sport. Politics must not be focused on winning. Politics should be focused on policy and substance.

And that’s it. People despise the other party, not based on the policies, but loyalty to their own party. This is the same driving force that causes people to dislike other sports teams. FSU fans do not dislike Alabama fans because they have good players, great plays, and good management… They hate them because they are loyal to their own team, and the other team is the enemy. People care about their party winning and defeating the other party more than what the actual victory will mean for the U.S. Step back and ask yourself: “Do you really agree with your candidate’s policies, or are you loyal to your party?” If everyone truthfully answers this question, I can assure you that the polls will be surprisingly different today.