Inner Truth: Tackling Loneliness

1. Broaden regular attention of God by using reminding yourself, repeatedly, that you are not on your own; God is with you.

2. Never forget to keep your daily appointment with God. Every day, preferably at the identical time and vicinity, sit in silence and pray, meditate or do your religious thinking.

3. Man’s extremity is God’s possibility. When you have a hard problem – of fitness, personal family members, finance, and so forth – hand it over to God. God is the answer to every hassle.

4. preserve on shooting short prayers to God.

5. Help others. In the measure, you exit of yourself and Help others; in that measure, you will conquer loneliness. You will recognize that you aren’t other than others. You and the others are part of One complete.

The writer, head of Sadhu Vaswani Assignment, is a religious grasp. Www.Sadhuvaswani.Org