List of Essentials for Public Toilets

Every public building or space must consider the provision of washroom facilities. A well-defined bathroom may not be on the priority list when designing the layout of your building, but you must know that when you are planning a space where various people are going to work and stay for longer hours, they would need to visit the washroom to use it.

The washroom in the building must be clean enough to ensure the user’s privacy. Moreover, they must be hygienic to be used by anyone without violating their safety. How would you feel if you got constant complaints about the nil cleanliness and maintenance of your building’s public toilet? It will affect your business since your employees would prefer a clean place where they could visit to relax.

Public Toilets

Therefore, if you haven’t considered renovating your old, stinky public washroom, then here is the right time to consider doing it. I have developed a list of essentials for your public toilet, which can enhance privacy and make it clean and sanitized.

1) Wall-mounted toilets-

The toilet legs are not attached to the floor, making it easy and quick to clean the bottom below. Wall-mounted toilets are in fashion, even for residential bathrooms, because it keeps the surface below the toilet clean and easy to maintain. To add the privacy feature for the men’s restroom, you can think of adding toilet partitions of moderate size.

2) User-friendly features-

Ensure your public restroom is available for all people, including babies, people with disabilities, and older people. Therefore, you must incorporate handicap-accessible toilet stalls, child seats, diaper changing stations in men’s and women’s restrooms, wheelchairs, and full wall mirrors to make it easy for people to use the toilet comfortably.

3) Trash cans near the sink-

 People use paper towels after washing their hands in the sink, and to discard the used paper towels, the trash cans must be placed near the sink. Besides, the paper towel dispenser must be installed at the top of the trash can, making it easy for people to use and throw the paper towels conveniently. The dispenser and trash can be placed near the door and sink, making it easy for people to pull the door handle with a paper towel before tossing it in the trash.

4) Electronic products to minimize hand contact-

Why not take hygiene to the next level by installing motion-activated toilet flushers, faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel holders, and hand dryers? Many people use the toilet, so fewer people touch it, and fewer germs ride out of the public toilet.

5) Washroom partitions-

When it comes to public washrooms, the most important thing is to maintain the privacy of various people using the public toilet simultaneously. It is only possible through washroom stalls and partitions. One can install a washroom partition of any material, size, and color. The most preferred toilet partitions are made of stainless steel or plastic laminate to maintain privacy.