Northern Thailand Travel Tips

My first visit to Thailand 4 years ago changed to the North, and I have lived here for the past two years. Many humans ask me how long they need inside the North – my private solution could be, ‘It can by no means be long enough!’ For those limited to a journey schedule, even though a minimum of two days are needed to cover the simple sightseeing of Chiang Mai (the capital of the North), even though you can spend a week and now not have blanketed all that the metropolis and it is surroundings have to offer. If you want to explore the nation-state past Chiang Mai, three days are enjoyed to admire Chiang Rai province completely and five days for Mae Hong Son.

What is the high-quality time of yr to go?

Winter in Thailand is from November to February, which is likewise the excessive tourism season here. Travelers prefer to come at some stage in these months as the temperature is barely cooler; it is also exceptional weather for hiking. While many people avoid the wet season (May-Sep), there are advantages when the fields and nature are at their maximum lush and inexperienced. The rain will be available in quick spurts; it does not rain all day heavily.

Summertime (March-April) is the worst, while temperatures bounce to mid-overdue ’30s. This is likewise while farmers burn the fields so that the air may be very horrific and the visibility of the mountain views masked through the smoke. Note that fees for excursions, accommodation, and flights are much much higher throughout the excessive season, so it could be less expensive to tour within the low season.

Is it endorsed for children?

Northern Thailand is a fantastic vacation spot for children; it offers something for all ages. Soft adventure and outside activities, nature, and animals are positive about keeping the kids entertained simultaneously as opportunities for cultural exploration collectively as an own family can be an enriching experience for all.


Local bus routes nicely link most major to mid-size towns within the North, so it’s viable to get around by bus; however, to explore outlying regions and small villages, you will want your very own transport. There could be motorbikes in some more advanced and touristic towns; if you need to lease a car, it is best to achieve this from Chiang Mai.

Destinations in mountainous or more remote regions will not have any delivery shape, so it’s beneficial to have your transport here too. Local buses are available in 2 classes – air-conditioned or fan. Aircon buses are slightly more highly-priced but worth paying the extra baht for as they have greater legroom and spacious seating. Overnight buses in Thailand are very relaxed; seats recline to approximately 150 degrees with enough legroom for the average peak individual. The best matters to look out for are the air-conditioning which they generally tend to position on high and karaoke songs, which they like to preserve you entertained to an excessive extent.


Travel Style

You may tour various approaches around Northern Thailand – unbiased journey, group package deal excursions, or something in between, such as a personal tour. Your choice will depend on how you like to travel and your price range. Independent travel (the most inexpensive form) is glaringly for folks who don’t want to be restrained and wish to discover through themselves, generally achieved by backpackers on a low budget. The downfalls can be that at the same time as you can cover many regions with an open agenda, your journey experience will be the only observatory; you might not recognize approximately the meaning and lifestyle behind places without the information of a local guide.

Package tours are for people who experience less at ease exploring an area on their personal and like to have the entirety pre-planned, the downside being that each component (resorts, shipping, itinerary) is fixed, which includes the amount of time you can spend at sight, not right for the ones that do not want to be rushed. A personal tour combines the pleasure of an independent and package deal journey. You may tailor the itinerary to what you need to see and do without the regulations of a set agenda; essentially, you are the boss.

Your journey to Northern Thailand should integrate a combination of styles, for example, for traveler areas which include Chiang Mai metropolis, which can be clean to get around with the aid of public delivery wherein numerous the points of interest have motives in English than a guide and personal shipping is not required. For sightseeing in outlying Chiang Mai (adventure sports, countrywide parks, waterfalls, and temples), you may not forget to hire a taxi or track team for a day. Then for tours to the geographical region past Chiang Mai, which is not so without difficulty completed on public delivery, you may lease a vehicle, driving force, and manual for a tour.


Northern Thailand offers resorts and guesthouses, from financial backpackers to 5 superstar boutique motels. If arriving during the off-season, ebook beforehand isn’t always important; evebookough you can get higher rates if you e-book online. Many ebooks in Chiang Mai can be found online by booking agents. In rural components, most accommodations/guesthouses (unless they’re high-end well-established ones) are unavailable on any net resort booking sellers; you are probably lucky if they even had their website, so a telephone reservation is a first-rate way. Booking ahead is advised during high season and national vacations as locations get full quickly.