Popular Tattoo Ideas of Today!

With today’s society going through what seems like a Prehistoric Cro-Magnon piercing festival, tattoos are still making noise. In fact, 36 percent of Americans are between the ages of 18 and 29 have a tattoo in recent 2006 findings. And the art is growing every day. The difference between the old days and today is that there are better conditions now and more artists and more to choose from Add Crazy.

Back in the day, it seemed like the only individuals getting a tattoo were those serving in the military. And don’t get me wrong, they got some really cool work done. My father had an American Eagle done on his forearm. It was just one color, but the work was impeccable. I think he told me that it cost him $7 somewhere. That is not so today. They have gone up in price just a tad.

To get a Cartman from South Park done on your upper arm, roughly the size of a folding cell phone will run you $75 – $125. It all depends on the artist, how much ink is used, overhead cost on the tattoo outline, and just people looking to make a buck. There are some that I have seen cost in the thousands. These are some pretty extensive tattoos. They require a lot of ink, patience, and multiple visits to the tattoo shop.



The majority of places you go will not do a big tattoo in one sitting. The reason is you bleeding too much and the artist hand getting tired. Trust me, if they want to take a break, let them. If their hand gets tired, they are more prone to slip, and your Tweety Bird on your back is now peeing. It is best to sit and talk to the artist before making the final decision. Discuss the procedures so you will know what to expect. You gain their trust this way, and they can then make you happy because they know you know what you want.

With so many choices of artists to choose from, the decision is a hard one. I like to look on the web for my ideas. There are several places that you can go to view, download, and print ideas. You can also go to Tattoo conventions. In fact, if you Google Tattoo Conventions, you will find several each month all over the US and the world. They are not taboo anymore! So what kind of tattoos are out there? Well, anything you can think of, I am sure, is a tattoo or is being contemplated to become a tattoo. Ducks, birds, pigs, dragons, waterfalls, etc… There is really no limit, except for space to do it on your body, to what you can have done. But I do recommend that you consider some of the consequences of a bad choice or placement.

Let’s say you are a boy and you are in love with this beautiful girl Jennifer. She is the best. You decide to get a tattoo, but somewhere kind of intimate on yourself. Great, until you break up. You then get a new girlfriend, but her name is Becky. Do you see a problem formulating? And ladies, you are not exempt from this commonly occurring, all too often, lack of good judgment. Take care of your tattoo! It cost you all that money, take care of it. When you get yours, ask the artist what to do and what not to do. This is very important. Sunlight will affect its colors. Keeping in clean the first few days is really important. You just got stabbed 27,000 times, getting X-Box Rules inked onto your lower back. This needs to be covered with a topical ointment, so infection does not set in. But it has to be done correctly, so the ink does not get drawn out.

Last part, pick a clean Tattoo Parlor. I have written a few of these, and I always harp on being clean. Trust me; you do not want AIDS. People are getting this very horrible disease from dirty tattooing needles. Hepatitis is also being passed around, so be aware of the surroundings. Only go to a place that uses brand new needles. No exceptions! Oh, and before I go, some people ask me what I think is the most popular tattoo today. Well, without a second thought, I tell them, “It is the tattoo that will forever mean something to you.” For me, “9-11, I Shall Never Forget” and “American Soldiers, May Their Sacrifice Never be in Vane”! Thanks for reading, and God Bless America!