Preachers of hate and those who give shelter to terrorists are equally condemnable: PM Modi’s dig at Pakistan in Kenya

“Preachers of hate and violence are threatening the fabric of our society.” – Narendra Modi. Amid the expanding footprint of ISIS worldwide, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned that “preachers of hate and violence” were threatening the cloth of society and requested the youngsters to construct a counter-narrative to extremist ideologies. He also emphasized that those giving refuge to terrorists and using them as political devices should be condemned, an apparent connection with Pakistan. Addressing the College of Nairobi students here, Modi pitched for an international loss from terror and hate, saying protection and security of human beings and societies are vital for realizing the benefits of monetary progress.

“Preachers of hate and violence are threatening the cloth of our society,” he stated. Underlining the want to counter radicalization, he said, “Youth can play an important role in constructing a counter-narrative to extremist ideologies.” His remarks expect importance given the increasing footprint of the ISIS terror institution, which is, in particular, attracting the youth via a marketing campaign of radicalization.

A recent living proof became the attack in Bangladesh some days lower back at a restaurant with the aid of a collection of six educated teenagers in which 22 humans, more often than not foreigners, were killed. Some of those six attackers have been allegedly stimulated by the debatable Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, who offers sermons on a Television channel.

Apprehensions of a few Indian kids getting attracted toward ISIS are likewise gaining ground, with 15 children from Kerala going missing mysteriously. While discussing developmental strides, the High Minister stated, “A constant march closer to our economic desires is indeed a priority. But, we also cannot forget about protecting our people.”

“We should be equally condemning of individuals who deliver shelter to terrorists and use them as political devices,” the Prime Minister stated, in an apparent connection with Pakistan, where anti-India terror corporations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish -e-Mohammad are based totally and carry out strikes in India with the guide of Pakistani status quo. “Terrorism knows no limitations, faith, race, or values,” Modi asserted.



Turning to maritime security, he stated a need to face shield in opposition to sea-borne threats. He also wanted to ensure that piracy does not affect the actions within the maritime location and that freedom of navigation is provided for all. Pitching for nearer safety cooperation with Kenya and other African international sites linked with India using the Indian Ocean, he said the eastern coast of Africa is dealing with demanding situations. “Coastal safety is an issue of deeper engagement,” he stated while asking Africa to ensure its protection is not compromised.

Speakme about cooperation with Kenya, he said India is prepared to share its reviews and understanding in diverse areas like telecom, agriculture, strength, and IT. “As you march closer to your future, you will locate in India a depended-on and dependable companion,” he told the Kenyans. Expressing keenness to forge a lasting partnership with Kenya, Modi said there are enough possibilities inside the 21st century for cooperation, no longer handiest for the common precise of the people of the two nations but the global massive.

“We alternate extra than ever before. However, we need to discover ways of running collectively in greater regions,” he stated while figuring out manufacturing as one of the sectors in this regard. Speakme approximately “India’s upward thrust,” the High Minister stated it was happening because of its 800 million youngsters. “I’m one of them,” quipped Modi, who said he changed into a 20-yr-vintage at “heart”. He said his authority concentrates on creating 500 million new jobs by using 2020, which is “impossible without reposing faith inside the teens.”

Modi, who presented floral tributes at a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, which had been hooked up within the University 60 years ago, spoke about the centuries-old ties between India and Kenya and said those who want to be taken ahead. “Each India and Kenya are flourishing democracies. Both need peace and prosperity of our human beings,” he said, adding the two countries were bonded using such values. Praising the Indian diaspora in Kenya, he told the Folks of Indian Origin (PIOs) are dealt with as the forty-third tribe in the united states of America, which has forty-two tribes.