The Information Technology Era

The international is on the verge of a revolution to change the conventional ideas of the economy, markets, finance, and credit. The increase in technology agencies will cause the changes. It is important to actively invest within the IT employer to capitalize on their domination of the future. The sector formed a new cluster of agencies with an excessive monetary capability, a strong and promising enterprise, an unlimited monopoly in their respective segments, and bold leaders who can alternate the world. What might be dreamed of Steve Jobs – is more than the iPhone in every pocket or a pc in every domestic.

High-tech groups at the moment are characterized using the following features: a excessive inventory of money with virtually no debt and a fine steady inflow of cash from the central business little or no danger of the emergence of competition within the marketplace: 100% of the competition may be purchased, as they say, “standing” non-stop improvement of technology, so most of the brand new answers, understanding, innovative merchandise and the software program is going to a narrow circle of groups.

These functions of the arena tehnogiganty almost do not depend upon countrywide governments, or from economic establishments, from anyone! These agencies already have large, even though now not all of the obvious, a part of international domination, in fact, they possibly extraordinary future. Change something in this scenario, possibly, too past due.

At a time when increasingly more wealth is a) public (internet, cellular communications, programming), b) intangible (content material and software, communications, digital cash), no one, except for the leaders of IT-segment, there’s no danger to keep the blessings which they loved in the pre-laptop generation. Already is huge, the term “revolution of Facebook” seems to be copyright to nobody claimed him. However, the cause for the fulfillment of many revolutions that came about in 2011 (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and others) is considered individuals within the coordination of the event of social networks.


Another instance: freedom of information. The Internet is open to all, tries using the nation, as before, dropping manipulate of the media appears to be meaningless. This is visible in Russia – human beings do not agree with the legit media and focus on the Internet. The government can no longer hold secrets (Wikileaks instance), aren’t able to consolidate the mass, not able to govern the emergence of social groups (previously – “events” out of date.).

State and Government have lost the monopoly on facts, propaganda, and brainwashing citizens. With them, they have lost a giant part of the government, which previously had. But a mistake to think that this power is lost forever: it is definitely transferred from the government inside the arms of groups that manipulate the community media. The earlier advantage from managing the facts inside the form of monetary flows extracted the nation – and now it’s miles an international Internet organization.

It is quite simple – you may already make payments without going to the bank and do no longer use (at once) his services. This is referred to as “electronic payment systems.” Google has its very own machine of payments and social network, wherein ninety million customers… That forestalls Internet giants, with their tremendous economic assets and the audience, to move ahead and arrange the “electronic banking,” “electronic change,” “e-coverage agency,” “Electronic Credit Bureau,” and many others. And so forth?

It’s only a count of times before the present-day banks, stock exchanges, and different financial intermediaries may be pressured out of Internet groups. At first, there is nothing but an old and thick textbook on economics, a striped suit, and a shiny bald head; a 2d is all: the middle commercial enterprise, generates revenue, loss of dedication, clients, technology, the desire to overcome the sector.

Only individuals who manage: strategies for writing records to the media, production of media, analyzing with those vendors, together with applications for the duplicate of content, transmission of statistics – can be the proprietors and no one else. While books and CDs have been transferred to anyone, this changed into feasible to do something (referring to the combat towards piracy); however, once it entered into a digital internet, the battle became lost.

This does now not mean that the proceeds from the sale of works of art, and something copyrighted, do now not get one: they already get hold of, and to a huge volume, the Internet giants. They are already inside the area, and all others (file groups, film theaters, stores, books and audioplastinok, conventional media, and so forth.) quietly serving the dustbin of records. Based on the brand new tendencies within the tour market, to return soon. Lanta-Tour, and other tour agencies – this is the ultimate century.

Man himself can discover airplane tickets or educate, rent an automobile or residence immediately from their owner, and pay with electronic money. In addition, and for trade may also occur aren’t the very best time due to the fact in 2011 more than 1 million Russians ordered items overseas by mail from the U.S., China, and Europe, in preference to go to the local buying center and buy the same element to pay more charge of 50% VAT and rent the proprietor of the shopping center Plaza.

And here we see the outlines of a brand new international wherein the former leaders of the defeated, and, oddly enough, peacefully, without casualties or damage, a brand new procedure. No lack of co-proprietors Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook led them to jail for an attempted coup. Even a susceptible and sad try and one way or the other restrict the monopoly of these agencies got here to not anything lead. Ought to be careful to treat those companies whose financial position and energy are, or will soon turn out to be, a historical throwback. Particular caution should be taken to the monetary (banking, insurance, pension price range, agreement of debts, stock exchanges, agents, asset managers,… ) and resellers.

I could now not wager on these corporations where the Internet infrastructure and records technologies make the direct transaction between dealer and client of anything. The electrons are not the handiest money but the people (via the profiles in Facebook). The fundamental conclusion is that the position of IT agencies is underestimated: government, society, and the stock markets. While the Revolution, they have come to rule the arena, is going on before our eyes.