What Are My Legal Options for Seat Belt Injuries?

A seat belt is required on all vehicles that work as a safety restraint and protects the driver and passengers from impact during a collision. As per a study by NHTSA, around 350,000 people have been saved nationwide due to seat belts. Any defects in the seatbelt can cause serious injuries during an accident.

Importance of Seat Belts

Some of how seat belts can prevent injuries include spreading forces of impact over a wider area of the wearer’s body, shifting the power of the collision to the strongest area of the wearer’s body, preventing the wearer from being ejected out of the vehicle, allowing the wearer’s body to slow down from the impact, and most importantly protecting the wearer’s head and spinal cord.

Seat Belt

Seat Belt Requirements as per the Law

Federal law requires a three-point seat belt for each seat in a car. All individuals in a vehicle with seat belts must have the strap secured around the body when the car is in motion. Failure to do so can result in penalties. This does not apply to individuals in a vehicle who have proper documentation for their physical or medical condition, which prevents them from wearing a belt. In most states, if you fail to wear a safety belt, it will not hurt your injury claim, as any civil action is not permissible in a car injury if you fail to wear a seat belt. Hence, insurance companies cannot deny your claim because you were not wearing a safety belt.

What are the Types of Injuries Caused by Defective Seat Belts?

A seat belt is required to fit snugly over the shoulder and around the person’s hips without cutting the neck. It is also important that seat belts are sturdy enough and remain intact even in a collision. A defect in the seat belt occurs when the restraint system might not operate as expected. Some common defects include inadequate latches. Such defects in the design or manufacturing of the seat belt may cause safety failure.

The common injuries caused by defective failures include bruises, lacerations, concussions, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, whiplash, chest wounds, herniated discs, joint dislocation, internal organ damage including paralysis, and in unfortunate conditions, wrongful death.

If you have been in a car accident and suffered injuries, it is imperative to immediately seek medical attention to ensure your injuries receive adequate treatment. Maintain any medical documentation you may have for your damage. This can help you receive compensation benefits by proving the negligence of the driver at fault or the safety belt manufacturer.

How can a Good Car Accident Lawyer help you?

It can be stressful and confusing if you were involved in an accident and have sustained any injuries. Good car accident lawyers like Riddle and Brantley understand that each car accident case is unique and will hear you and work relentlessly to receive the compensation you are entitled to for the damages and losses you incurred.