What’s Exciting in IOS 6?

For good reasons, iOS 6 is considered Web Job Posting one of the best operating systems. Making a place for oneself in such a competitive market is not a cakewalk. Let’s have a glance at the most exciting features of iOS 6.

Share Photo Stream

One of the most admired features in iOS 6 is the shared photo streams, which allow users to share sets of photos with friends through iCloud. The procedure is quite simple. Users must select the images to be shared, tap the share button and select the recipients. The iOS 6 will take care of the rest. The albums of Shared Photo Streams can throw photos automatically to other iOS 6 devices. Those albums can also be viewed on Apple TV or the internet. Also, the users are allowed to comment on any individual photo shared via this feature.


The integration of Facebook throughout the entire iOS has made sharing easier than ever. You can share photos to Facebook directly from your camera or photos. Also, you are allowed to post your location just from the map. Birthdays and events will be showing right in the calendar, and the contact details of your Facebook friends will be integrated into your phonebook.


This new app from Apple is an easy way to store all your passes in just one place. You can keep your tickets, boarding passes, movie tickets, store card apps like Starbucks, etc., and organize them conveniently. And when you reach the location where you require stored tokens, iOS can sense and provide access through a pop-up on your locked screen. The best thing is that the cards are live, i.e., if your gate changes when you are at the airport, the passbook is automatically updated according to the change for Tricks.


This version of iOS features a new Maps app integrated with vector-based map elements. It makes the graphics and text smooth. It also makes it easy to pan, tilt and zoom. It’s now equipped with turn-by-turn navigation which can guide you to the destination with spoken directions. The never before Flyover feature offers realistic interactive 3D views. It provides real-time traffic updates that make you determine the duration of your travel and suggest alternate routes, which can save you time.



Enhanced Siri

Siri in iPhone 4S allows users to use their voice for sending messages, scheduling meetings, placing phone calls, and so forth. But the new enhanced Siri in iOS 6 offers a lot more than that. It can now provide the score of a game, player stats, restaurant info, movie info, etc. Besides, users can also make Siri launch apps. These magnificent iOS 6 are making the whole world crazy about it, and it’s a perfect opportunity for various businesses to launch iOS apps. iOS application development pays excellent returns. It’s an ideal way to interact with clients. But for good results, business owners must select a perfect iOS app development company. Pravat is a technical writer in mobile applications-related topics. If you know more about iOS application development, hire our dedicated developers.