Writing Your Life Story – Tips And Techniques For Success

Once a luxury of the rich and well-known, the era has, for the primary time in history, made it viable for each person to seize, share and maintain their maximum precious life stories. With the appearance of computers, the Internet, virtual photography, video, and audio, everyone can capture the richness and texture of their existing accounts. Family, buddies, and destiny generations might like these private histories. Today it is feasible to easily mix conventional biography and memoir with powerful new technology into a new form of man or woman existence storytelling: the personal life records.

Personal life histories are pleasant to create. And, due to the interactive multimedia opportunities inherent in computers and the net, a nicely-performed private life history may be rich and rounded in approaches that are impossible to achieve in text-simplest memoir or biography. But most significantly, personal existence histories preserve essential persons and circles of relatives’ stories. And, while well executed, they will become ultimate for generations. In this text, you will discover how to use time-commemorated lifestyles tale writing strategies at the side of present-day technology to create a unique story, “you.”

The Art of Traditional Life-Story Formats

For anybody interested in growing their autobiography, memoir, or non-public existence history, it’s crucial to apprehend the distinctions among those forms of telling one’s lifestyle story. To over-generalize for a second, an autobiography is more truth-primarily based, while a memoir is more emotion-based. Autobiographies are written through the issue, occasionally collaborating with some other writer. Autobiographical works take many forms, from intimate writings made at some point in life that is not always intended for books (which include letters, diaries, journals, memoirs, and memories) to formal autobiography. Interestingly, the autobiography layout does now not always should be proper. It can also be a literary fictional story.


Memoirs are a form of personal recollection that has grown enormously in reputation nowadays. Memoirs regularly focus on more subjective reminiscences, including reminiscences, emotions, and feelings, and are generally written from the primary man or woman’s point of view. The memoir is often centered on taking pictures sure significant highlights or moments. In his Memoir, Palimpsest, Gore Vidal writes that “a memoir is how one recalls one’s own life, at the same time as an autobiography is records, requiring studies, dates, statistics double-checked.”

Memoirs generally focus on a short period r a chain of linked activities (an autobiography covers a longer period). In a memoir, the writer is typically retrospective and considers beyond occasions. Memoirs may aalso contain storytelling techniques, including putting, plot, struggle, individual development, foreshadowing, flashback, irony, or symbolism. And ultimately, writing one’s memoir often has a therapeutic impact on the author.

Oral History Recordings

Oral history is a verbatim transcription of an interview, left in the narrator’s specific phrases. These are usually left in a query-and-answer fashion and are economical wo maintain a circle of relatives’ stories. A recording machine with a good-quality microphone and a quiet spot free from interruptions are all truly needed to seize an oral history. It helps to have questions organized earlier in the interview. Oral histories have commonly been recorded using analog tape or virtual recording gadgets. However, it’s also feasible to document directly into a private pc. Oral histories are regularly transcribed (typed or word-processed) right into a document format. The conversational style is appealing for its easygoing informality.


Recording codecs and requirements are constantly evolving and will grow tough or not to playback if the gadget becomes obsolete. Taped recordings decay over time.

Video History Recordings


At the basic stage, creating a primary video history’s easy and a laugh. Camcorders are surprisingly less expensive, and many computers today come with basic enhancing software. Capturing a great video history shares identical stipulations as an audio recording: a quiet spot with questions prepared in advance. Plus, you’ll need an uncluttered historical past, flattering lights, and proper clothing to improve the best of the cease product. For example, white shirts, pants, or attire don’t show up nicely on video. Likewise, busy styles can be distracting. Solid light-colored neutrals or pastels are commonly secure.

Professional videographers:

A huge quantity of expert video corporations specializes in creating existing story productions. Productions may additionally range from a tenor 15 minutes short to an hour or longer mini-film, complete with titles, tracks, and other Hollywood-fashion outcomes. Naturally, you may pay extra for an expert production than a homegrown attempt. When choosing a professional, use all the standard smart-purchaser recommendations. Ask for references. Ask to look at samples of earlier paintings.

Get all costs, manufacturing timetables, and commitments in writing. It’s pleasant to have films of a person or family. When properly done, they frequently have an enjoyment cost and are terrific for special occasions. The Web has emerged as an effective new medium for developing and sharing life memories in the past few years. On the net, it is not the best feasible; it’s for fun and easy to create a wealthy multimedia story with text, pictures, audio, and video. This is the new format of the personal existence records.

Web-primarily based non-public existence histories enjoy several benefits over paper-based total publishing, audio, video, or even CD lifestyles stories. Specifically, Web-primarily based guide is updateable-you will add new facts anytime. It is, without problems, shareable among friends or own family. The most advanced sites provide selections of privacy and safety. The Web is also multimedia, which means you may add textual content, images, audio, and video. Photos, audio, and tape are never misplaced, damaged destroyed. Sooner or later, many sites offer print-on-call, permitting you to create immediate books.

The books can be revealed on your house printer or distributed to small-run publishers. If you pick the small-run choice, specify archival-quality paper. One of the largest advantages of web publishing is the potential to build networks around comparable hobbies, occupations, backgrounds, or existence events. For instance, a WWII veteran pilot who posts his tale to the Web and makes it be had to the general public can be contacted with the aid of long-lost buddies, different veterans, college students, historians, museum employees, or others interested in this pivotal chapter in American records.