Australia’s most popular travel agents and the holiday-goers more (or less) likely to use them

Between July 2015 and June 2016, simply over thirteen.7 million Australians, 14+, took at least one holiday, the trendy findings from Roy Morgan Studies show. Of those Aussie excursion-goers, 7. three million (fifty-two. 8%) mentioned using a journey agent or excursion operator for as a minimum one of the trips they took – extra than double the quantity (three.2 million) that didn’t use one at all. And the maximum popular travel agent? No prizes for guessing that Flight Centre has clinched the top spot another time…

12.6% of Australian vacation-goers used Flight Centre for at least one journey in the twelve months to June 2016, giving the chain a first-rate lead over online accommodation carrier Booking. Com (11.4%). Wotif. Com changed into a distant 0.33 at 6.8%, beforehand of Webjet (6.1%) and — in its first 12 months of being measured in the Roy Morgan holiday Tracker Survey — Airbnb (five.five%). Roy Morgan Unmarried Supply (Australia), July 2015-June 2016, n=10,112. Base: Australians 14+ who took as a minimum one excursion in the last 365 days

Except for Flight Centre, the most effective travel agent with a brick-and-mortar presence to crack the top 10 become Helloworld, utilized by 2.8% of excursion-goers. The closing 8 are all solely online agencies. This is rarely sudden, given how dramatically the rise of the virtual generation has converted the tour industry, but it does not inform the entire tale. Viewing Australian vacation-goers via the lens of Roy Morgan’s in-depth consumer profiling device Helix Personas, it quickly turns obvious that Reserving a vacation isn’t a one-length-fits-all state of affairs.

Even Flight Centre – as popular as its miles – is more likely to draw certain agencies of guests than others. For instance, 22.5% of the Helix Characters called Social Flyers used Flight Centre for at least one vacation in the one year to June 2016 – nicely above the countrywide common and extra than five times the proportion of Rural Traditionalists (4.0%), the Persona least probably to pick Flight Centre.



Regularly young, friendly, and Single, Social Flyers earn proper wages but are not yet tied down by too many economic or circle of relatives responsibilities. What better excuse to indulge their love of foreign places tour? However, they will be too busy with the worrying timetable to organize all the finer info themselves. Simply as properly, Flight Centre’s whole tour service (from flights to accommodations, cruises to bundle deals) makes it so clean…

In comparison, Rural Traditionalists tend to be older and reside in you. S. Regions, and work tough in blue-collar jobs to repay their loan earlier than retirement. They usually live in Australia for holidays, setting up their budget getaway on Virgin Australia’s internet site, Lastminute. Com or lodges. Com rather than touring a tour agent. Meanwhile, Airbnb draws an elevated percentage of humans from the Large Destiny phase. Knowledgeable, cultured, switched on, and typically coupled up, Large Future might find Airbnb attractive because it permits guests to experience extra like locals and less like travelers. They will have started their own family. However, they’re nevertheless hipsters at the coronary heart!

Even though Roy Morgan’s facts tell us which Aussie holiday-goers have most utilized travel agents within the last 12 months, This is a top-stage perception and does now not monitor which vacation-goers are greater or much less likely to use a specific agent – or, certainly, to use none in any respect. “Of course, it’s no secret that the tour enterprise has been transformed by using the virtual era, with the rise of online agents, Booking offerings, and tourism operators being a logical final result. For bricks-and-mortar travel marketers, this has intended adapting to the converting market or danger-dropping relevance. Flight Centre’s continued popularity indicates it has finished this correctly.

The truth that it attracts a tech-savvy client phase, including Social Flyers, also speaks volumes for the chain’s potential to anticipate and meet the wishes of even those who’d be flawlessly cozy organizing their own holiday online. “Using identifying exactly who’s more or less likely to use a specific bricks-and-mortar journey agent or on the line Booking website, Helix Personas allows tourism operators to goal the travelers who might be maximum conscious of their brand, in preference to going for a greater generalized approach.”