How to Attract Beautiful Ladies That Are Out of Your League

There are no ladies that are unattainable, they just need the right seduction methods applied to them. These methods once learned can be applied to ladies of different caliber and will guarantee success.

Keep reading to learn what these methods are,

How To Seduce Beautiful Ladies That Are Out Of Your League My Live Updates.

1. Beautiful ladies are used to guys falling at their feet, keeping them on a pedestal. Jumping when they say jump. You have to change the dynamics, take back the control, the power. Don’t keep her on that pedestal, make her want you instead. She is used having gifts and complements showered on her. Flirt a little, but not over enthusiastic act as if you could take her or leave her.

2. Act differently from all the other guys who stand and drool, act as if you are totally indifferent to her, keep your distance. Let her do the chatting and make the effort to initiate the conversation, be careful not to appear as if you are rude.

3. Confidence, this is one of the most important parts of flirting and seduction. You must appear to her as if you are entirely comfortable in your own skin. Relaxed and happy, chatting as if you are chatting to the girl next door, no big deal. When you approach her, have a smile on your face, keep eye contact, holding your shoulders back and standing straight. Don’t speak to fast, or act to eager.



Honestly use with caution, all ladies will not be able to resist to your powers, be careful who you apply these seduction tactics on.

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