A Chat With A Beautiful Lady

One morning, I went to chat with a lady. To me, she was wonderful at 81. She walked slowly, dressed neatly and adorned with sweet smiles of peace. Others may not notice her because she’s an ordinary senior citizen who wants to make a truce with God by going church every day and prprayingPeople have many faces other than their hearts. Some help in the church, but some of them are fakes. Still, others are just there for a show and amiable publicity. Some are just there to grab something, as beasts do. But the earth has balance. There are angels, saints, and faithful warriors honest to goodness, helping out of love for God and fellowmen, and working without any cost, not even a return of honor, but out of a good heart and deep prayers.

Many books say it is also best to write about the common people working with us. To hear the true voice of a farmer, a student, a mother, a breadwinner, a small office manager, and other people reaching out for something better in life would help a lot in pushing the routines of the daily grind to the grandness of duties and accomplishments of goals for individuals and groups. Of course, these are aside from the biographies of leaders, presidents, and business people (commonly written in history).



“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate…” So this woman, this lady, really captures my awe. She inspires me when I see her walk unafraid, with her knees shaking and only one eyesight (one eye is blind already). How could I be giving up with the best hopes when I, younger than her, got all the strength to walk? And how could we be giving up when cancer patients try to live and on their deathbeds say prayers in their minds for us (my mother did), the living? How can we lose hope when, in some places, kids work for their food? We may not be powerful or rich, but we can beg God for others, and in our little acts of kindness, we can fill others with zest.

Here’s a little prayer:

Dear God,
For all good intentions, may we show in acts so true
For all we want to share, fill it full with You
For all, we could have shared, did wrong, didn’t do
Give us strength to rise and love, with joy each day anew.