Instagram Stories: Tips for using Instagram’s new photo story feature

Instagram just added a new function called stories. In preference to posting carefully selected photos, Stories helps you assign a group of snapshots during the day. And at the top of that day, those photographs disappeared. It is because it’s just like Snapchat‘s My Story feature. Simplest, with fewer filters and lenses (at least for now). Right here’s how it works. Memories are brief films or photographs that can be strung collectively to shape a gallery that tells a Tale well.

Right here’s a way to create one:

Tap on the plus button observed at the top left-hand facet of your home screen or swiped left in your Feed. You could also fast-launch Stories by lifting them right from the main display. Faucet the circle button at the lowest of the display screen to take photos or Tap and preserve to record a video.



Edit the images or movies with textual content or upload a drawing as you generally might. In case you hit the pen icon, there are three varieties of pens. The 1/3 one makes your sketch look like a neon signal.
Faucet Executed to shop your Story.

Tap the checkmark button to percentage your Tale.

While at it, why not use your saved snaps from Snapchat as Testimonies? After you take a snap, Tap the Download button. It will keep in your digicam roll. Then, open Instagram, start a Story, and swipe down. A gallery with all of your current images will pop up. Faucet in your snap and put up as normal. You may only use photos added to your Digicam roll in the last 24 hours, so be short.

The pictures and video you selected for your Tale will now be a series humans can swipe through for 24 hours. A colorful circle will seem around your profile image to permit your fans to recognize you have a Tale to view, and the profile photo will even pop up at the pinnacle of your fans’ Feeds. All they want to do is Faucet for your face to see your Tale if you habitually add things to your social media accounts that you later remorse, excellent news! Testimonies can be removed. Faucet at the three dots at the lowest right of the picture or video you need to delete, hit Delete, then verify.

Any image you shot (or Boomerang you made) in the closing 24 hours can be uploaded for your Story. To add, swipe on the screen and choose your films or images. You may additionally pick out Hyperlapse content in your Tales properly. Nicely, now not the puppy face from Snapchat. Or the rainbow barf. However, there may be a way to add filters. After capturing a photo or video, swipe throughout it to add a filter out. There are seven filters right now, But we expect Instagram to feature extra later.

Navigating through Testimonies is incredibly clean. At the same time as browsing the Testimonies of your pals, swipe properly to visit the previous Tale, leave to see the subsequent Tale, and tap to pass a photograph or video in a Story. You can select who gets to peer your Memories and who does not. Need to save your Mom from seeing your Friday night time out, as an instance? Visit your profile and tap the sun symbol (iOS) or the three dots (Android) at the top proper of the screen.

Choose Tale Settings from the menu, after which Faucet on Conceal My Tale From. Choose your Mom from the listing and Faucet Carried out. Mother will nevertheless be capable of seeing your posts and profile, But won’t see your Story. You can ship a message to your friend directly from their Story. You’ll see a ship Message at the bottom left-hand corner of the display screen. Faucet on it, sort out what you would love to say, and hit send. This Most effective works for people whose remarks enabled, even though.