Just Talking About Responsive Web Design Doesn’t Make A Website Development Company Any Good!

Have you heard the proverb ‘a bad Graet Gossip workman always blames his tools? No? Responsive web design is good; in fact, we think it’s an awesome technique to make awe-inspiring device-agnostic websites that will look just as good on small screens (smartphones & mobiles) as on desktops. But if you have been to a website development agency recently and heard someone from the designing team say that responsive website design is bad, then you have listened to it in a different form. Some web developers will advertise responsive website design as their strength and eventually fail to deliver an acceptable final product. And when they can’t find any good excuse to defend their incompetence, they will blame it on this.

What’s The Standard Excuse, And How is it Forced To Become The Villain?

Responsive website design doesn’t tolerate idiots. It depends on the expert execution of techniques and tools such as CSS preprocessors, frameworks, and user detection agents. It leads to unnecessary residual files and junk that adds to the file size when that does not happen. A bloated web page will load lethargically – and the blame usually falls on responsive website design as a technique. The actual fault is in the implementation. Owning a powerful gun does not make anyone a good shooter. It is not the culprit here; bad performance is.

How Do You Get A Good Responsive Website Design Without The Idiocy

When choosing a website development company, ask questions to help you make informed decisions. Don’t ask, ‘Can you make a responsive website?’; ask, ‘What’s the average loading time of your responsive designs?’. An experiment conducted by Forbes in 2016 shows that 1-second pages have more conversion rates than 5-second pages. The ideal page size should be less than 2MB at all costs.

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Getting a page to load in 1 second in the Indian context is asking for too much infrastructure, but a 2 seconds page should be your target. Anything more than that is usually slow. Three seconds should be your limit! No more than that. Benchmark all design agencies against the ‘2 seconds page load’ standard. And ask for it; no compromise on that. A perfect responsive website design that loads in 2 or 3 seconds is possible; settling for any less is mediocre. (Note: Do not test load times on slow internet speeds! The load times we mentioned are on high-speed broadband connections only.) Test it on a high-speed broadband internet connection.


Responsive website design is necessary because most visitors/buyers will be on smartphones. If fonts and images on your website look microscopic on a mobile screen, you are asking your mobile phone visitors to leave. So you need a good, responsive design, but if it loads slowly, you are sending your visitors a way to your competitor’s website that looks good on a small screen and loads instantly.

While you may be rushing to hire the best website development company in Delhi to get RWD for your website, you need to know a few things. Responsive web design is the newest design technique that promises to make websites look better. Or you can play it the other way around and attract more visitors with a fast-loading, nicely-designed website – the choice is yours. Check out this 5-minute read.