Marketing Trends for 2016: What to Focus On

Online marketing has evolved a lot in the past Page Design Web few years thanks to the advent of Social Media and Smartphones. Nowadays, more and more people are engaging with e-commerce, and digital marketing has become a mainstream arena for brand owners to display and promote their brands, services, and products. Marketing trends keep changing every year, and 2016 will be no different. Complying with the latest trends is very important as the new trends are based on the policies laid out by Google and Bing, the largest search engines and online marketing platforms.

Online Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016:

We have carefully analyzed and listed some of the major trends which will trend this year. Our listing is based on the reports by Local SEO Services and a well-known Online Marketing Company.

Video Ads:

With Google finally accepting SERP-based Video Ads, the video ads segment will likely grow manifold this year. With YouTube being the master player behind video ads, Facebook and Bing also allow users to add video ads on their platforms. Thus, we can see an increase in video-based advertising, and if you’re a marketer, you must identify the opportunities you have in this regard.

Mobile Ads:

With mobile phones completely phasing out desktops, mobile ads will have a greater impact this year. Firms need to start creating ad campaigns for mobile websites and apps, and all online marketers need to analyze the opportunity and grab it carefully. Mobile ad agencies are growing faster now than ever, and marketers believe that PPC and CPA advertising for desktop sites will phase out soon, and mobile ads will dominate the market from 2016 onwards.

Social Media:

Even though social media is not a new trend, this trend is expected to keep growing this year. With the number of users increasing daily primarily due to the internet coverage increasing in rural areas, a firm can easily find the targeted audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whatsapp marketing is another growing trend wherein a chain message is passed on to the users to create a buzz. With all these methods being used, we can easily hope for more exposure for marketers on the social media platform this year.



Even though there are a few years before we see apps completely phasing out websites, the importance of having dedicated mobile apps is increasing daily. Business owners have realized that having a mobile app can give them a lot of coverage, so investing in apps will be a big way of digital marketing this year.


Even though search engine optimization (SEO) is still the king, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also gains a huge spot. Marketers are focusing on the sites offered by Google and Bing on their search pages, and if you can get the keywords right, then SEM can be a great way of marketing your brand. With more people using the internet, the scope of SEM will increase, and it will feature as a top marketing trend for 2016.


Virtual Reality:

With the first commercial VR gadget released this year, we expect virtual reality to make its mark in the digital world. VR can attach itself to social media, YouTube, and many other platforms, offering a new avenue to marketers. 2016 will see virtual reality helping online marketers get more consumers. All these trends will make a mark in the digital world, and being a marketer, you must look for the opportunities that await you and find out the best ways to exploit these trends to the best of your interests. So, wait no further and start following these marketing trends for a wonderful 2016. No matter your website type, online marketing is important if you need business. ARKA Softwares: Online marketing Company can help with such services.