The Sure Fire Way To Make Money With A Personal Computer

Edward Bulwer-Lytton stated, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” These days, not many additionally people use the pen to put in writing with. They use typewriters or, even more frequently, computers and word processors. But make no mistake, the written phrase is still compelling, and if you very own a phrase processor, you are sitting on top of one of the maximum powerful money-making machines ever created.

Most human beings use their computer to do simple obligations, along with their taxes. Or they buy a phrase processor so their youngsters can write term papers and get better grades in college. Very few people realize that their computer systems can make money and enjoy all these other functions. If your computer is taking over the desk area, however, now not bringing you any greater profits, it is time to place that gadget to give you the desired results.

Of direction, the logical question is, “How can my laptop make cash for me?” Computers are extraordinarily versatile and may be programmed to do almost anything. Many distinctive pc functions may be incorporated into a home-based commercial enterprise, but the phrase processor is one of the easiest to grasp. There are dozens of word-processing applications in the marketplace, and you should be able to master one in about five or six hours of practice. And, if you do not have a pc, don’t worry. You can still cash in on this brilliant enterprise idea. Many laptop groups make word-processing machines that might be like top-notch typewriters, combining the features of both typewriters and computers.

A successful agency wishes to preserve its personnel updated on business enterprise sports (including company buyouts, corporation leisure activities, and coverage adjustments) and exchange news (along with new rules affecting clients, competition information, and producer updates). The simplest and least steeply-priced way to do all this is through an employee newsletter.

The problem is that maximum agencies, specifically smaller ones, do not have the capital to hire a full-time creator. Many corporations try and designate a person inside the company to write their newsletter, but this man or woman isn’t a writer; in reality, the one in the price of the e-newsletter is commonly the secretary. Using nothing greater than a typewriter, she tries to provide a pleasing-looking newsletter in the few minutes she has to spare among tasks. The result is normally less than outstanding.


That’s where you and your phrase processor are available. Using your laptop, you can easily assemble an e-newsletter that appears very expert–with columns, bold headlines, graphs, and even snapshots. Bring a pattern newsletter into a commercial enterprise and have the manager evaluate it to his cutting-edge e-newsletter (if he has one in any respect). Then tell him that through subscribing to your e-newsletter carrier, productivity and earnings will continue upward thrust for two motives first, because he will not be paying a person from within the corporation to write the newsletter. Second, his employees will see paintings extra effectively because they may be better informed.

Before you are aware of it, you will have 10 to 15 agencies paying you to put in writing their publication, and it will likely be just about all you can take care of. Since each one might be paying you approximately $300 a month for the carrier, you’ll want to choose whether to continue to amplify your provider and lease more help or virtually relax and allow the money to hold rolling in.


Fads and tendencies come and move. However, one aspect of the way to continually sell is statistics. With your phrase processor, you’ve got one of the exceptional mediums for providing statistics, and you can make a package deal doing just that.

Just walk through your neighborhood e-book shop or library and know how many self-help, food regimen, and how-to books there are. This should give you a sense of how hungry clients are for this statistic. Once you’ve studied through a few of those varieties of books, you ought to understand sufficient about the situation to jot down a brief 5 to ten-page document. With the computer, you could make the report look professional through page numbers, double columns, pull prices in the center of the pages, and a bold capture title.

When the paper is entire, it’s time which will start the advertising procedure. Take out an advert inside the labeled phase of your local newspaper. Word the advertisement so clients might be enticed to send you a test to learn more about the situation. Here are some examples. When you begin to use your computer, you will quickly see the benefits you have got over a widespread typewriter. You can, without problems, test your spelling and grammar, set your margins and typeface as you want, and make the usual modifications for the duration of the document without retyping the whole element.

Because of those enormous features, your laptop saves you time and effort while typing documents, and you can skip those savings for your customers. With your computer, you may easily enter a record, proofread it, supply a draft reproduction to the client for approval, make changes, then print a final version–all in less time than it’d take a trendy typist to quit unmarried reproduction. This is one of the simplest businesses to run when you master your phrase processor because all you want to know is how to type; no other competencies are required. If you’ve got a current (cellphone hookup) on your pc, you could even send files throughout the country or worldwide just as effortlessly as you may supply them across the road.


Thousands of human beings on this us experience writing both for interest or as a source of extra earnings. By strolling an ad in one of the many writer’s magazines (Writers Digest or The Writer), you will get responses from writers throughout you. S. A. Who wants their manuscripts typed?


Small businesses regularly can’t come up with the money for the luxury of a secretary. Larger companies often have big tasks to kind; however, they do now not desire to lease a person extra. In both cases, an outside typist may be a treasured carrier.


Many high school and university students do not have the time to type their papers even though they have the potential to. Especially during mid-phrases or finals, a typing service can make cash at a school—post flyers in every schoolroom and every bulletin board you can locate.