Dubai’s Life Line to Recovery – Sports City

Dubai World crashed in 2009 end as it could not service its debts. There was a bailout by Abu Dhabi, but the fact remains that the boom, which was engineered by oil, is no longer viable. In other words, Dubai has no oil reserves of any significance, and by 2016, that will also finish. The Dubai rulers have set up many state art projects to remain a viable economic hub. Among them is the Dubai sports city, a top-of-the-line sports center. But that is not all; the sports complex will hold several stadiums and other sports activities ancillaries. But the concept does not end there, as the plan is to have a residential complex complete with five-star shopping outlets and restaurants in the sports city. This is supposed to herald a new concept of sports and living.

When fully completed, Dubai Sports City (DSC) will have a super built-up area of 500 million square feet. Or 46.5 million square meters. The Dubai Sports Complex is planned to become a lifestyle hub that will be the playground of the niche and rich. Sports will, however, hold center stage and the sports stadiums built will have state-of-the-art facilities for sports ranging from cricket to Rugby and golf to football. There will also be playing areas for games like basketball, volleyball and an exclusive stadium for hockey with the latest astroturf. Golf courses are being attended to with the utmost detail.18-hole high-class golf courses rivaling the best in the world are planned. The Golfer Ernie has been roped in as a consultant.



Dubai sports city also hopes that sports associations of various games will make Dubai their headquarters. The ICC has already shifted its part-time headquarters to Dubai. A global cricket academy is also planned. Dubai Sports is not just a sports complex but incorporates a statement of élan and style with the construction of residential accommodations like the Victory Heights Luxury Estates, Clubhouse Residential Towers, and the Hub Residential Area. When fully completed, the Victory Heights Luxury Estates will cater to the ultra-rich and have luxury villas dotting the sides of the golf courses.

Dubai sports city is planned as a revenue generator. With this end in view, the promoters plan to channel the best entertainment, trading, and goods brands to the sports city. The entire project is slated for completion by 2011. But the latest recession is likely to take its toll, and the Developer Dubai Tourism Company may be hard put to adhere to the completion date. Even if its viability is completed as a profit-generating hub may not bear fruit to its full potential.