Top 6 Calculator Apps For Android

The Samsung Galaxy S, Droid X, MyTouch 3G Slide, Evo 4, the list is going on. Many of the most up-to-date smartphones available on the market today run on Google’s Android OS. With each new tool launched for Android, the thrill about the machine grows. A quick search of “calculator” at the Android Market lowers back about one thousand consequences, far than most people would love to sort through. You’ll discover dozens of tip calculators, BMI calculators, mortgage calculators, love calculators, and more which are possibly no longer what you are looking for. Luckily for you, we have executed the difficult work of looking through all of these apps for you and determined these 6 worth of your attention.

#1 – HandyCalc Calculator using min

HandyCalc Calculator is our preference for the top calculator to be had on Android today. This app provides you with loads of the fundamental capability of a TI-eighty four, together with all medical calculator abilities, graphing, and the capability to remedy structures of equations. Answers can be again infraction and radical form or converted to decimals. There are also simple reproduction and paste abilities, which ought to be had in greater apps. The app even comes with a demo doc and a hyperlink to a video academic. There’s plenty to love right here, or even if it is now not best, it comes as near as something we’ve got visible.

Scientific Calculator had the nicest UI of any calculator app we reviewed. Buttons are appealing, with a nice top-lit impact, and perfect size, making them clean to press. A flick scroll or double arrow button permits you to, without problems, get entry to medical capabilities. The calculator does function a few basic graphing competencies. This calculator comes very near 2-line capability. You can enter an entire calculation before pressing enter. Then you may return to previous calculations with the aid of long-pressing the input place. There are extra effective apps on this list. However, UI is critical in an Android app, and Scientific Calculator has a splendid one.

A notable calculator app for calculus college students is Calculus Tools. As its name implies, this app is targeted nearly completely on calculus, so it’s no longer for everybody. The app can locate integrals and derivatives up to the fourth diploma, each algebraically in addition to defined limits. It additionally has the capacity to help you resolve problems related to arc duration, floor area, and Taylor collection. Your results also can be graphed. The app additionally carries a pretty full-size list of formulations that calculus college students need to memorize. The handiest real drawbacks with this app are that its clinical calculator mode continues to be in beta and pretty confined and that all inputting needs to be carried out with your default keyboard.


If you’re looking for something akin to a TI-30 (one line), the RealCalc Scientific Calc suits the invoice. It’s free, rapid, and gives all the capability of a preferred medical calculator. It additionally features an incredible help menu for brand spanking new customers. The UI isn’t precisely sexist, but we’re certain some will recognize how a good deal it authentically seems like a retro calculator. Although we’d have desired to peer a real line display, the developer has provided a previous solution feature, which can be set to retrieve several previous effects.

Like many Android apps, Calc+ is available each in loose and paid variations. The free model gets you the capabilities you expect in a systematic calculator, and the paid version gives the extra capability of haptic feedback (vibrate) and unit conversions. In a smart UI decision, the developer allows users to switch between an easy calculator and clinical mode using rotating from portrait to panorama mode. The layout is minimalistic yet attractive. The largest disadvantage to Calc+ is no capability to exchange from its default mode of radians into levels.

Remember the primary pill fashions that had been shipped without the Market app? This turned into because Google decides on who can get admission to the closed applications, and to this point, it is only the Samsung Galaxy Tab that was granted such access. While outsider developers can’t contribute immediately to the Android task, the code is made public with the final release of an Android version. This makes the lifestyles of the outsider builders (consisting of ourselves) tougher, as they (we) don’t have the opportunity to prepare the packages for the more modern variations.

Note that Google almost exclusively influences the course of the development of Android. For the everyday person, it’s far almost irrelevant if the product is open source or not, but let’s look at what this indicates people?

The openness manifests itself on the whole within the law of the Android Market. Due to the lack of strict management, developers can exploit the offerings constructed into the OS or may even alter these (i.E. Swype). This might be impossible inside the Apple App Store, as in this example, the big bro’ is continually watching, and so long as they locate something within the app they don’t like, there is no way you may release your app. The unfastened manipulate of the Android apps might be dangerous, but as the community filters the apps (by way of scoring them), the risk is minimum. Ultimately builders also can immediately distribute their apps, even without registering them inside the Market.