What’s Next After Google Android And Apple iPhone?

Which wi-fi cellphone will rule? Five years ago, if we requested this question, we’d were kicking around networks names like AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or T-Mobile. We never in reality idea plenty approximately handset makers. We might speak approximately strong manufacturers like Nokia, Rim, or assorted different handset makers if we did. Today but the wireless market appears absolutely different. Let’s discover. Today the leaders are businesses like Google with their Android or Apple with their iPhone, and these aren’t even wireless agencies. Today it’s all about clever telephones instead of ordinary handsets. Who will win this new race we abruptly locate ourselves on?

As an enterprise analyst over the past 25 years, I have found out that the wi-fi and telecom enterprises absolutely adjust every few years. Let me come up with an instance—long distance. Ten years ago, AT&T, MCI, and Sprint were interrupting our dinner with telemarketing sales calls. Remember the ones? Today there’s no greater stand alongside a lengthy distance industry. A few years ago, Verizon received MCI, and SBC received AT&T and took their name. Poof, the industry changed.

Five years in the past, even the wireless enterprise looked different. At that point, the word iPhone failed even to exist. Today iPhone and Android rule the unexpectedly growing and changing enterprise. Will they keep to guide this converting industry? Too early to inform, but I can say they won’t be by myself. When Apple jumped in, clients cherished it and the notion that it became all they wished. However, when Google jumped in, they had been a hit too. In truth, today, they may be outselling Apple. Smart smartphone clients love one or the alternative. If that is the case, there’s lots of room for more OS.

The smart cell phone market is rapidly growing, however, continues to be young and there may be still lots of opportunity and gadgets to promote. Different customers have unique wishes and like unique working systems. With that stated, there are masses of room. Palm, for example, got every person excited with their new OS. However, it hasn’t absolutely moved the meter. RIM Blackberry lately brought their new edition, and it changed into a good deal higher than the previous model. It will appeal to or maintain many current customers, and as long as it maintains getting better may retain to prevail.

Nokia has its personal smart smartphone software program called Symbian. Yes, even an everyday handset maker has a smart smartphone working machine. You didn’t know that? That is because their brand says regular handset, not clever telephone. They have certainly been within the smart cellphone commercial enterprise earlier than Apple and Google. They need to replace their logo and their era, and keeping the brand updated is crucial.

Motorola had given up for dead years in the past, and their brand changed into pretty much gone. However, it has achieved a superprocess of revitalizing itself by working with Google and growing their new Droid phones bought on the Verizon Wireless community. They are doing well and are actually going to make bigger to different networks.


Microsoft is launching its new working system known as Windows Phone 7. They have certainly been in the clever telephone quarter for ten years, believe it or not. Yes, they were suffering trying to carve out a gap. They grew to about 10% market percentage, then when Google and Apple did their element a few years ago, Microsoft fell to 5% market share.

What is this new Microsoft OS like? That is the query. Will it be as true as Apple and Google? Will it be close like RIM? Or will it struggle like Palm? Early reviews say it’s miles jump years in advance of the ultimate version. That is the coolest news. However, it may no longer be higher than different famous OS inside the market.

If no longer, Microsoft can tinker with it and enhance it and try and seize the variety of three areas in the marketplace and develop from there. You have to locate the pleasant working system on your wishes. Get all the features you need and use. All OS are not created equal, and some have capabilities that others don’t. It’s no longer all approximately placing tune at the handset.

Sometimes its approximately different precious capabilities, just like the Memo Pad feature so that you can deliver the same information in your telephone as you bring for your Microsoft Outlook electronic mail program. Most don’t provide this. Some do, however, no longer well. A few do it properly. If that’s what you want, then your choice is simpler than what you watched. Just don’t forget devices that use that OS. See, it’s effortless miles.

There is greater OS within the market today, all looking to grow to be the following star. Who will lead 5 years from today? Does it, in reality, be counted? If you’re an investor, the solution is sure. However, in case you are a client, the solution isn’t any.

Don’t observe each person else due to the fact everybody has unique needs or desires. Learn what you need and what your preference and discover the proper OS for you. It takes time up the front, but you may be happy you did. And keep in mind everyone is usually updated, so what you use subsequent yr can be one-of-a-kind than what you use this yr. Wireless is hastily converting, and also, you just must hold updated.