AUDI Q3 2016: Moderately Priced Sedan

Fast Facts:

1. Price: $42, 000

2. Seats: 5

3. Engine: 1.39L turbo 4-cycle

4. Transmission: FWD, 6-speed dual-clutch

5. Mileage: 5.8 Liter/ 100 km

Quattro 2.0 Turbo Engine

Audi Q3 2016 is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, capable of generating 207 lbs-ft of torque and 200 horsepower. Its engine is comparable to Volkswagen Golf GTI but focused on fuel efficiency and overall drive. Equipped with six-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive system, Audi Q3 is heavier than Volkswagen GTI.

The weight is felt as Audi Q3 accelerates and turns. On the other hand, it lacks the pristine feel and comfort compared to the latest BMW and Mercedes offerings. It’s touted as a crossover vehicle, assimilating sports cars and conventional sedans. Audi Q3 is a factory fitted with sports wheels, a sports-stylized interior, and, most importantly, a range of driving modes, including Sport, Dynamic, and Auto-drive. These driving modes are inherently identical, offering little change in driving.


Any consequent shift in throttle response and steering was barely noticeable. The saving grace is a sports program that revives the throttle response up a notch and ignites turbo mode. Audi Q3 2016 provides an average of 23 miles/ gallon (28 on highway and 20 in city limits), lagging behind BMW and Mercedes. Comparing the fuel economy, Audi’s Q3 2016 EPA rating is similar to Audi Q5. On the other hand, BMW X1 takes the lead with its 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine, capable of generating 28 horsepower extra than Audi Q3. This sedan segment is intensely competitive.



Audi Q3 attempts to compete with Mercedes-Benz GLA-250 and BMW with its premium interior, design, and exterior. Audi isolates its passengers from exterior road and engine noise, comparable to the comforts of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

It’s available in 3 categories:

· S-line plus

· S-line

· SE

sAS PRIME COMPETITORS, Audi Q3 2016 competes in an intensely competitive niche with Mercedes GLA, BMW X1, and Range Rover Evoque. A mini-version of Q5, Q3 employs traits of Audi A3 and competes with a fresh design. Audi’s valued customers can order kits and additional features as they require.


The cabin of Audi Q3 2016 is built solidly. Coupled with the MMI infotainment system deployed with fast response, and crisp graphics, it also features an internet connection. The MMI controller, mounted on its dashboard, is less intuitive than its console controller. Moreover, its turbocharged engine has considerable room for improvement. With state-of-the-art tech deployed and a premium feel, the new Audi has raised the bar for Competition regarding cabin space, performance, drive, and efficiency. Audi Quattro 2016 delivers a decent drive. Its quiet cabin, on-road performance, and crossover work in its favor. Compared to the industry’s rivals, it falls slightly below expectations compared to BMW X1 Drive28i 2016.


· Reverse camera has been installed

· Offers 1.4-liter turbo engine


· The large wheels require improvement

· Competition is rigorous in the sedan section