Do Know Trends in Content Marketing in 2016

If we talk about B2C markets, about 76% of these markets claim to use content marketing strategies. With rapid technological change and global marketing trends, content has emerged significantly in the past few years. In 2016, we saw a drastic shift in trends in content marketing.


Colorful pictures, infographics, videos, and visual content seem to be taking over the internet in 2016 because growing internet connection speeds like 3G and 4G have allowed users to access videos and images faster. Written content markets are shrinking over time because of users’ high demand for visual content. The trends in content marketing are changing since users want information at a quicker pace. This demand for visual content is supposed to increase further in 2016.


82% of digital marketers today stress creating content specifically for the people they want to address instead of search engines alone. This is because the focus of content marketing strategies has increased to a more diversified and expanded view of content. These content marketers are now coming up with keywords that are more customer-centric than genericness, providing better info and other attractions like videos, audio, images s, etc.


Have you heard about the new customized Twitter news feed that will launch soon? Have you noticed how Nike is offering custom-made sports shoes? And have you ever wondered why this is happening all around the globe? The simple answer to this question is that mass customization is taking over the marketing world. People nowadays want more customized products and services according to their tastes and preferences.

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Similarly, earlier in the current year, this trend appeared to take over the content world because people were demanding content that could be shifted or tailored according to the response of individual stimuli. Assuming the movement carries through 2016, the demand for individually tailored content will likely grow rapidly 2016.


Since the advent of smartphones, mobile marketing has been growing rapidly. The content marketing trends for mobile markets seem to be rising as well. Mobile markets are also likely to expand. The expansion will expand mobile access for current and new audiences. We’re nearing the end of the first quarter already, and these elements have so far turned out to be not only but also crucial. Please share other digital marketing trends here so we can share them with others.