4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2016

Content marketing isn’t a one-time act but a process. And many marketers fail to grow in the ever-changing industry because of the efforts & patience needed for it. It takes considerable time to create content for blogs as per marketing strategies. But the created content won’t succeed if the systems aren’t well-aligned towards growth parameters. Whether it takes time to build an online reputation as an experienced marketer, consistency is the key to success.

The basis to be well understood here is that high-quality content builds trust & readership for bloggers & entrepreneurs. The list of subscribers gained also gives the right to promote paid products & services. But the ‘value’ of content should never be compromised. The most common Content Marketing mistakes by marketers that should be avoided in 2016 as per current trends are:

1. Not Considering SEO as Related to Content Marketing

Content marketing & SEO are interrelated aspects of growth hacking. And for maximum favorable output, marketing strategies should cover them both. Low-quality content without proper keywords in it implies that the blog fails to target the required traffic.


It happens to beginners often as they aren’t well informed about it. So, it’s important to understand & include SEO-related aspects to get the expected results by avoiding this content marketing mistake.

2. Promoting Content Without Having A Strategy at All

While a lot depends upon the quality of content developed for a blog or business, promotion & marketing also play a significant role. No success will be achieved if the content is only created but not promoted. Likewise, excessive advertising is not useful as well for low-quality content. Millions of blogs are posted online every day. But not every blog beats the competition & stands out. A well-defined marketing strategy ensures that you aren’t just creating but equally promoting content for your blog. You can stay ahead of your competitors by avoiding this content marketing mistake.

Content Marketing

3. Failing to Make the First Impression With Catchy Headlines

Think about what makes a visitor cling to your blog, about what makes the first impression of your blog in the eyes of an anonymous reader.

Isn’t it the headline of the blog posts you create?

A catchy headline attracts the target audience to the content you produce & market. So, marketers should work towards understanding how to make the first impression with reader-oriented headlines

4. Underestimating the power of Visuals

Statistical reports on marketing strategies show that content with visuals achieves higher rankings & is highly shared over Social Media channels. Higher social shares & higher ranking imply higher growth. Images, infographics, videos, etc., visually attractive content forms a part of marketing trends followed in 2016. It’s more of an individual approach to preventing oneself from falling into the trap of common content marketing mistakes.

Have you learned to improve your way with this article?

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