Mobile Application Development in 2016 – What to Expect?

Enterprise mobility is the latest trend in the Page Design Pro-business world because of the smart generation’s great challenges and impending needs. Going mobile is an important aspect nowadays because it depicts the prospects of a business, no matter how big or small. With a gamut of advantages and seeking an objective to make the backbone of an enterprise, mobile app development is a buzzword in every mind.

Mobile app developers are looking for the next big thing to bring more agility and flexibility in the development process to combat the current market demand. As you know, 2016 is coming to hitting our calendars to thrive in more excitement and curiosity. Everyone is looking for the latest mobility trends that empower the growth of enterprises. Have a sneak peek at some revolutionary movements-

Winning of Android over iOS-

The mobile market has become a hotspot for Android apps, ruling all the way. On the contrary, iOS app development is shining down a little. As per the study revealed by IDC, the Android market share in 2013 was 78%, which rose to 80.2% in 2015. Without a doubt, it will remain a dominant player in 2016 also.

Connecting to the Internet of Things-

As IT emergence persuades the extraordinary development of the Internet of Things, the mobility field has become much more lucrative for developers. 2014 has already addressed the captivating approach to connecting with the Internet of items made by tech giants like Google and Samsung. E.g., the recent release of a smoke detector app from Google is controlled by a smartphone app. Wifi controls a washing machine from Samsung. Connecting objects with mobile apps will garner more popularity and acceptance in the upcoming year. It will be the time of wearable gadgets and other tech-based products.


Going Cloud-

The cloud is creating buzz all around because of its ingenious features. Moreover, it will remain a dominant player in the market. You can enjoy the benefits of traditional desktop and web applications on the cloud platform because it combines both. It allows users to access any file on the go. To put it in simple, straightforward words, users can share, upload, and access data anytime, anywhere. The mobile application will be written on the cloud in the coming year, and the service provider will offer cloud hosting services to host these forthcoming apps.


Parallax Scrolling-

To enhance UX- To enliven the depth and movement of images, parallax scrolling has emerged as a wow factor in mobile application development. It improves the visual appeal and overall user experience of the app. With this tool, you can create dynamic and interactive UX and place the content display on a single page. Leveraging emerging trends this upcoming year could be important in deciding organizations’ fate in this ongoing mobility competition era.