Online Education Background Checks: Employers and Student’s First Choice to Legitimacy!

As higher education becomes a determining factor in one’s eligibility for all sorts of jobs and employers keep their consent over quality employment, many job applicants seek shortcuts to remain competitive in the marketplace. And since the economic halt had started and finding a job became a harsh business, people are trying to get their way out by forging their educational documents or even buying education to fake “diploma mills.” They don’t even know that this could humiliate them in front of their prospective employer and end their career in a gutter—a total loss of time, money, and mental peace, Cloud Light.

Every employer is now looking for the best employee. Employers are closely monitoring every incumbent by running comprehensive education background checks. They judge their prospective candidate based on education and the legitimacy of their credentials earned during their study. They know that educational success reveals much about an applicant’s credentials and motivations. Through education background checks, an employer can get an accurate depiction of their qualifications and their intentions of playing a role in the company’s development.

Some Astounding Facts about Forged Education Credentials Caught by Education Background Checks:

In 2004, the US General Accounting Office revealed that nearly 200,000 federal employees had, at the very least, exaggerated education credentials on their resumes. SHRM(Society for Human Resource Management): More than 53% of job applicants falsify information on their resumes; one in four candidates misrepresents their educational attainment. ADP Hiring Index: 49% of employment, education, and credential reference checks reveal discrepancies in the applicant’s information.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners: 41% of applicants lie about their education. The above inclination of facts about the defined scenario indicates an increase in the likelihood that employers who don’t verify education will hire unqualified personnel. Hiring unable personnel, in turn, leads to higher employee turnover, forcing the organization to incur expensive recruiting and replacement costs.



The Other Cunning Problem: Online Degree Scams aka Diploma Mills:

The second biggest and most souring surging problem for employers is fake diploma mills that play a role in instigating fraud among innocent people. These online cheap diploma/degree-making factories are looting people for fast-track degrees. Diploma mills and degree mills and various websites advertise very realistically physical diplomas and transcripts, which have been found to deceive many employers.

Therefore, employers should consider using physical diplomas as proper evidence of a degree with the striking statistics of resume fraud. Because the requirement for education qualification has become so demanding, education fraud is becoming more prevalent, as are the establishments of diploma mills. Consequently, laws have recently been passed to combat education fraud in which companies who manufacture fake degrees and diplomas are considered to have committed a Misdemeanor.

Why and How Education Background Checks Can Maintain Equilibrium Between Employers and Job Seekers?

Many employers view particular educational qualifications as a key factor in seeking new employees. Moreover, education is a prerequisite for many positions because it ensures applicable knowledge of a subject matter or a required license. Educational history may be the most commonly falsified information on an application or resume. Some estimates place the incidence of resumes containing erroneous education information as high as 30 percent. Employers should be extremely cautious. And they are not accepting copies of a degree from candidates as proof of their graduation, given that it can simply be a clever forgery paid for by the applicant.

Current System of Education Background Checks and Degree/ Diploma Verification Are Not Enough! Human resource departments in companies directly contact the concerned educational institution and undertake verification. This is no longer a viable solution, considering the increase in recruitment and the time taken for verification. This is also not a foolproof method. Education background checks or verification is the only way to prevent not only for employers but also for the people looking for education but a legitimate one.

A second method, often adopted by many larger corporations, is to outsource their employment verifications to background screening companies, which maintain large personnel databases. Online Education Background Checks are the Most Modern and Guaranteed Way to Nab a Forged Educational Document with a Plus of Diploma Mill Identification: Online education background checks are an online degree, diploma, and education verification. System The system consists of a database of fake colleges and universities and the misdemeanors who faked their documents in the past. It is now the best free online resource for employers and students, who can also check their institutions. It’s a killer product for keen employers and legitimate education-seeking students.

Benefits for Employers Using Online Education Background Checks:

Employers can be able to save themselves from a negligent hiring lawsuit.
Employers can be able to hire the best-qualified employee for their respective positions.
Online education background checks are fast the conventional education verification process, enabling an employer to make a quick hiring decision.
Online education background checks can save money and a good amount of time.
Benefits for the Students Using Online Education Background checks:

Assurance that the institution is meeting certain educational quality standards.
Reasonable grounds for believing that the institute will continue to meet them.
Assurance that employers, professional associations, colleges, and universities will accept their Degrees widely.
They believe that their Degree will benefit from sound and high-quality educational standards.
Concluding Remarks:

Falsified education credentials have become a serious issue in the workforce; it breaches the faith of involved employees, especially when it can directly affect other employees and the company. It is also a serious blunder for the employer, who should have made proper education background checks, a mistake that could hinder their current position.

Education background checks for employment; verify a job applicant’s certification, training, or educational claims. The universities, colleges, vocational schools, etc., are checked to verify dates of attendance and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, majors studied, GPA, and honors received by a potential job candidate. The verification of the education process is an important part of a quality pre-employment background check.

Although federal law has been implemented to target diploma mills that give out phony diplomas, the problem still exists and is far from being corrected. In the meantime, employers and students must remain steadfast about conducting education background checks to verify academic credentials and institutions for their legitimacy.

The online qualification verification and diploma/degree mill checking system is a significant source of help to employers and students looking for easy and free-of-cost education background checks. Muhammad Saad Khan is a professional writer indulged in writing for growing businesses worldwide; his recent work is about the background screening industry, employment background checks, education background checks [], and their technology-based development in the online world.