Sports In Space Will Increase Brain Function for Crew During Long-Term Missions

Not long ago, our think tank discussed the future of sports in space and why it would be needed. You see, being forced to stay in a spacecraft, it would be hard to get the exercise needed to maintain a healthy body – sitting around a lot would just cause quickened degradation of the body. Is there something we can do about this? Yes, I believe so; we need some competitive sports. Regarding Sports in Space, obviously, the games we do in space with less gravity will be different. This is what one member of our think tank had noted – Yes, I agree it changes “the game” totally and maybe that is okay too because as you learn new sports or new ways to play old sports, you must adapt and learn the new skills you talked about, thus, use your mind more and thus, get smarter, for instance, this was discussed in a recent article in the New York Times “Wellness Section” – the article was titled;

“New Sports Stretch the Brain – Most of us make little effort to hone or enhance our motor skills in adulthood,” by Gretchen Reynolds, published on March 8, 2016. The article noted that: “Physical Skills can be as cognitively challenging as brain teasers.” In Science News, the same thing occurred in a virtual reality game where you have to learn a new skill to win or lose. Even just thinking about it makes one consider thoughts that are practically Science Fiction, and it opens a whole set of new ideas, right?



One of our think tank members also noted, “Athletes train for their sports to deal with gravity. Basketball players train their shots to decide how to shoot the ball depending on the distance because of gravity, and a tennis player knows how hard it is to hit the ball for it to land in just the right spot because of gravity. If you took away a certain amount of gravity or all of it, it would require a whole new set of skills. If athletes specifically trained for this sort of game, it would be an incredible thing to watch, but I also don’t think it would replace the other sports on earth either.

I think that sports in space would require an incredible amount of funding to produce and even more by the individual to train for and take part in, but I think it would be amazing. It would be incredible to see someone fly through the air 50 feet and dunk a ball, and I think it would be a whole new evolution to the game. It would require us to train more types of athletes and would require the human race to grow in more spectacular ways than ever imagined before.” Learning new skills, improving cardio and blood flow will help the brain function while sitting on your butt destroys it. So, sports in space it is. Think about this.