Boot up: Windows 8 navigation tips, Ozzie says we’re post-PC, Facebook’s mobile users and more

A quick burst of nine hyperlinks on the way to chew over, as picked by using the technology team

Getting around in windows 8 >> home windows team blog
here you pass:

A commonplace thread we’ve visible in the feedback to date approximately windows 8, in this weblog or elsewhere, high-quality or poor, is that human beings using home windows eight for the primary time may want a touch help to get their bearings.

First query to be answered: “in which di the start button go?” you’ll be hearing – and explaining – that one lots in 2013.

Keyboard shortcuts for windows 8 >> windows team weblog
Print it out and pin it up. no longer quite submit-paper.
London buses
personalised medicine’ Hits a Bump >>
A tumor’s genetic makeup can vary extensively even within the same tumor sample, researchers stated, a finding that poses new demanding situations to the personalized-medicine motion in most cancers. One massive implication of the brand new studies, being published Thursday in the New England journal of medication, is that reading handiest an unmarried sample of a patient’s tumor–the modern practice–may additionally omit essential genetic mutations that have an effect on the course of the ailment.

Genetics already complicated treatment. This complicates it a good deal in addition. (Subscription may be required.)

Q&A: Ray Ozzie on startups, Microsoft, and what he’s dreaming up subsequent >> GeekWire
Ray Ozzie – who took invoice Gates’s leader software architect job, however left Microsoft in displeasure:

We recognize proper now, there’s no denying that we’re in a first-rate transition. Human beings argue about, are we in a post-pc world. Why are we arguing? Of course, we’re in a post-pc world, but that doesn’t suggest the pc dies. That just way that the eventualities that we use them in, we stop relating to them as computers, we check with those different things. But it’s still general computation. In other eventualities there are also different publish-worlds. For example, in productivity, the pc era became defined by means of files. Documents are the center of ways we’ve got notion approximately productiveness. however, if you count number the words that everyone right here sorts on a pc, increasingly more in facebook, in Twitter, in this blogging package deal and tis and that, by way of addressable market of phrases types, the classic record, is decreasing as a part of that, and what productiveness is the meta degree around files, as much because the files. So we’re without a doubt into a publish-document international, as a good deal as we’re heading into a post-pc global.




Microsoft in dispute with OnLive over windows desktop-on-iPad licensing >> ZDNet
Mary Jo Foley:

Now we recognise why Microsoft officials refused to discuss whether OnLive — the company offering iPad and Android pill users a hosted home windows’ laptop app — became in violation of Microsoft licensing terms. It appears Microsoft believes they may be.

Very complicated, counting on the query of whether you may connect to an OnLive-owned windows 7 licence if you do not have one.

Google throws Android under the bus with Google Play >> Kristofer Layon
An iOS and Android app developer who does not like the “Google Play” moniker:

I will end with an observation. Last week, numerous human beings at my agency simply spent lots of time doing video production for a demo of our cellular app. The script noted that the app can be located in Apple’s iTunes App save and Google’s Android market. Now we get to redo that work. But that is greater than just bitter grapes. Now the demo, for a better schooling cell application, will want to mention “to maintain in contact along with your university guides, classroom discussions, faculty and classmates, and campus information, down load our cell app at Google Play.”

however, the “Google Play” call does at least recommend that you will be able to get entertainment there – a large change.

facebook says it had 432m mobile customers in December 2011; thirteen% are mobile-most effective >> interior fb
fb has up to date its S-1 filing (quick, someone does a diff):

The company estimates that 58m customers assessed the social network entirely through cellular apps or the mobile internet site at some stage in December 2011. It did no longer word what percentage of those customers are on feature telephones as opposed to smartphones, nor did it provide any demographic information approximately those customers. In India, for example, many people access facebook from telephones when they do not have personal computer systems. The remaining 374m cell MAUs accessed facebook from both computers and mobile gadgets all through that month. The social network says it has 845m overall MAU.

That’s marvelous.

At the FBI Raid >> Barrett Brown
On Pastebin, wherein each person writes their fine paintings. He was given a knock at the door the day that Sabu (of LulzSec) become formally fully charged; Brown’s involvement has continually been a mystery.

As to the numerous stunts [Sabu] pulled in the months given that his arrest – including but no longer limited to the pointless release of credit card facts for Stratfor customers – we may additionally never recognize to what extent such things were encouraged by using his “Justice branch” handlers in order to discredit this motion. But I digress, lol. At any charge, the Feds got here back more than one hour later with a search warrant for my mother’s vicinity – they fully intended to take a certain computer, and did.

We sit up for understanding what changed into on that pc. As you could count on, he really does not like Sabu. In any respect.

Countering the Google Plus photograph hassle >>
possibly aware that G+ clearly isn’t wowing the media, Vic Gundotra gets on the line to the NYT.