If A Nation Controls Their Media – The Election Held Is A Complete Farce

Iran held its elections on February 26, 2016, and the results were exactly as predicted; who’d have thought? Well, just about anyone who studies elections in nations where the government or leadership controls their media and censors the Internet, that’s who. Predictable, yes, fair, no way – and yes, it’s been said that “He who controls the media controls the minds of the people” a time or two. Marshall McLuhan was certainly correct about that, wasn’t he?

We are all aware of those nation-states that control their media and Internet, and we are also mindful of the shenanigans that go on within those countries; no need to mention them here, as it would just cause this article to disappear. We’ve also heard it said that “If you believe you are free, you are; if you believe you aren’t, you are not,” but if perception is reality and the media is all about perception. This incestuous relationship and the sinister plots behind the scenes of a self-proclaimed noble and moral government once again prove the failings of humankind and remind us that “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely,” or someone once said.

In the past, the Iranian government has sent microwave beams into Tehran to prevent those with satellite TV from getting signals that may have come from International news media. There have been election irregularities at nearly every turn – and as a result, a march towards hardcore Islamic Conservativism away from a once rich culture of diversity of thought. At what point does a regime move from prudent governance into corrupt authoritarianism? It is hard to say when such a line is crossed or how to bring it all back once it does without a major revolution.



As we enter the Spring Time, we look at problems across the Arab World, both in Sunni and Shia-dominated areas, and we see all is not well; none of the governments can legitimately take the high ground, not even close. In all this, the people suffer from a lack of freedom, liberty, and prosperity as another generation becomes enslaved yet continually told they are free and that their government is legitimate. “It’s amazing what you can get humans to believe,” Rothschild once proclaimed, and that perhaps is the only truth we can count on as we head into the Arab Spring of twenty-sixteen.

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