The Internet is a Level Playing Field That Makes it Easy to Start Your Own Business

I just finished watching the news tonight and received another very sobering account of the state of the economy. The September job number (9.8%) had just been released, which translates into more than 15,000,000 people currently unemployed. Not only that, but one of the commentators also relayed the news that the US had just lost its bid for the 2016 Olympics (and the billions of dollars that would have been invested in new construction and other preparations for the various Olympic venues and accommodations for the millions of tourists, i.e., jobs for Americans). Rather than watching the Olympics from Chicago, we’ll have to watch them from Rio de Janeiro.

I also heard Rep. Alan Grayson cite statistics from a Harvard study finding that 44,789 Americans die every year because they lack proper health care – and that translates into 122 Americans dying every single day because they lack health insurance coverage. So what’s the average American to do? Especially those 15 million unemployed Americans?

I suggest that rather than simply sitting around bemoaning the situation, or becoming increasingly frustrated as they continue their fruitless job searches, many of these people should start their own internet businesses. When I invest in the stock market, one of the things I look for are companies that have “big moats” – meaning they have such a stronghold on their industry or market (through proprietary technology or another competitive advantage) that it is tough for others to enter into that market and compete with them.



The internet isn’t like that – it has almost no “moat,” meaning there are few barriers to entry. Almost anyone with a computer and access to the internet can start an online business because the internet offers a level playing field (i.e., even the smallest business can compete against the very largest companies). This is true whether you’re a young person just out of college (or never even attended college) to the Boomers and Seniors who are either considering retirement or already retired.

“Knowledge” seems to be about the only real moat there is when starting an online business. The good thing about having a moat comprised primarily of knowledge is that anyone can readily cross that moat – simply by being motivated enough to learn the tools of the trade. Affiliate programs are probably the easiest ways to start an online business, and most of them also offer training regarding the product you’ll be selling for them. There is a big learning curve associated with starting an online business – make sure you get good training and support from people committed to helping you succeed. Get live training and support from iNetProGroup Trainers [] – 14 days of training for only USD 1.