Things Ladies Should Know About Men’s Chioce/Fear in Marriage

The issue of marriage is becoming more or less complex in many societies around the world. While in some societies a man is left to choose a wife for himself, in others parents choose for their children. The rationale behind this is that some parents believe that young people at the age of marriage often occupy themselves with so many things and, as a result, set a high standard for to choose in marriage. On the other hand, some parents believe that their male children are often carried away by poor qualities in a woman who can never make a home marriage-wise. These and many other reasons make men stay single for a long time, only to marry late but mostly without choice.

By definition, most young adults view marriage as the fulfillment of a worthy relationship between two persons, especially of the opposite sex, who have agreed to stay and live together irrespective of the challenges. This definition does not recognize procreation as one of the purposes of getting married; it rather views marriage in terms of contractual agreement that two partners engage in which “staying together” is its major essence. In this way, both parties have to sacrifice a part of them for peace and their whole progress. This supposedly indicates that there would be extra demands on the life of the two. The thought about the unseen demands and inherent conflicts/troubles it might bring makes some men excessively scared of marriage—my Update Star.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of men when it comes to marriage. The first types are men who really want to make it in life before getting married, while the second are those men who believe in marrying a lady and building their lives together. The first set of men are scared of marriage and generally skeptical of marriage’s challenges. They believe that a woman’s genuine love rests on how rich a man is. They would not mind buying expensive things for the woman like cars, houses, pricey jewelry, and, if possible, buying the woman’s love with their money.

They trust more in money than ‘love,’ which they believe does not actually exist but is a mere feeling that the material standard can judge. These kinds of men are often down and completely out of hope when they discover that their partners are cheating on them. Such men do not want their women to take up professional jobs for fear of being exposed to other individuals who are wealthier than them. Neither do they want their women to be more successful than them.

They are basically afraid of a woman’s domination, even though they dominate themselves with their riches at the expense of a woman’s genuine love. If a lady meets this kind of man, she is expected to prove him wrong by turning down the expensive gifts and helping the man to recognize the endearing values she is made up of. When a man is proved wrong by the standard he sets in evaluating ladies that come to him, he becomes natural in his thinking. Natural thinking is what helps one to see and recognize love. If this is achieved before marriage, the lady is sure of enjoying the man as the man will truly value her.



The second type of men, however, believe that a woman’s contribution to the life of a man and marriage is vital and should not be overlooked. They are, however, fragile emotionally and need the company of a woman to keep them going. They believe in the saying that “Behind every successful man, there must be a woman.” Hence, they keep promises made at the early stage of their relationship and often work hard to achieve their dreams together.

This kind of man can do everything for a woman. Their major fear is “heartbreak.” Once they survive one, they are never the same again. They trust without reserve. If a lady finds this kind of man, she should be very open and often take time to explain things in detail, especially things that, if not explained earlier, might bring misconception in their cherished relationship. Support them when they start any project morally and try to be by their side. All these make them feel like a god and often bring them unusual straight to work tirelessly to achieve their dreams.

Some men are usually scared to marry ladies with an intimidating appearance; for example, way back in school, I noticed every man wanted to get close to that beautiful lady on the campus. Ironically, they were always not talking about marrying her. They generally believe that if you have a beautiful woman in your house, she might not settle down since men outside would frequently disturb her. On the whole, while men hate marrying ugly-looking babes, they also do not want to marry beautiful-looking damsels for obvious reasons.

If a lady is convinced of her beauty and noticed men gapping her or probably not making marriage proposals to her, all she needs to do is avoid being sexually loose. The cheaper a man gets a fine or beautiful lady, the more he gets convinced that she is sexually loose to men generally. Even if the lady truly loves the man, she should show other exceptional qualities, which will make the man look at her beauty as secondary. In this way, she will help the man overcome the inherent fears of possessing her in marriage.