Top 7 Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2016

Times are changing Icas Network, and so are the ways we do business. Back then, trading meant selling products door-to-door and dealing with people face-to-face. All that has become a thing of the past. The mind-blowing boom of Internet technology has changed the way of life on this planet. Every business these days owns a website, and there comes the need to be unique to stand out among your competitors. We are almost in the middle of 2016, and if not already, it’s definitely the time for you to give your site a revamp with trending web designs. Let’s dig into the details:

Personal Branding

Having personal branding is like holding a statement. It’s stating who you are – blunt and bold. You can help people perceive your vision and mission instead of speculating and having different opinions about you. It is so important that you spend time and effort building it. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking to make an impact, having a strong brand will do the magic for you.

Video Background

Ask yourself? Won’t you prefer watching a quick video about a product to reading through chunks of text about it? If your answer is yes, you’ve got the trick. Websites generally are storytelling tools, and it becomes more effective when visuals and motion are involved. In 2016, growth in this trend was expected with the endless possibilities of HD quality videos that give your visitors a real-life experience.

Large Background Images

Bored of the clichèd stock photography? Yeah, but people still use images to engage more with users and illustrate the message they are trying to send. You can do so using genuine imagery and real photos that connect you with your audience. That too large background images do the stunt.

Web Design

Mobile-First Design

To put it simply, in any household, you’ll find more mobile phones than desktops. That explains why it is better to design content and web pages for the mobile interface first hand and then work on the usuals. Taking a mobile-first approach ensures that you maximize your potential and reach more of your target audience.

Modular Design

The modular or grid-based design may not be new but awesome. They are reusable and responsive-friendly, with the tiles stacking lucidly on different screens and form a flexible layout that looks nice and clean on any screen size. Many WordPress themes are available that employ such grid-based modular design, which works very well if yours is an eCommerce business.


Material Design

Material or flat design comes as a fresh and honest combo that abstains fancy design techniques and embraces a more simplified, digitally aesthetic approach. Featuring clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors, and two-dimensional illustrations, the flat design emphasizes presenting a clear distinction between technology and real-life materials.

Single Page Design

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of single-page websites has only continued to grow. They seamlessly work fast on all mobile screens due to their simplicity. They let you present compelling content with a great design and an intuitive user interface for a great user experience that is sure to keep users on your website longer than before. Every web design is unique. It’s just a matter of understanding the factors and implementing the right design for your website to get the right results.