7 Ways to Enhance Your WordPress Site in 2016

Content Management System Media Focus WordPress has made every online business more successful due to its ease of use. This cm is simple to navigate for audiences which can be updated without any trouble or effort. 2016 has come up with many exciting features of WordPress. If you are willing to enhance your WordPress site, following this article can make your time useful.

Follow these ways to enhance your WordPress site in 2016

1. Mobile view

Most of the visitors feel comfortable browsing the website from the mobile device in their hand. This indicates websites gain maximum traffic from mobile devices. Some sites might have a serious problem while exploring from the mobile device, which might be neglected. Most of the time, developers concentrate more on desktop ignoring the mobile device completely. Thus, if you are an online business proprietor, ensure your site is fully responsive and can work well on various mobile devices Pressography.

2. Decrease the page size

You need to make your site, and the web page with heavy images might make your site slow, which takes your visitors away from your website. So, make sure you decrease the page size and develop a good user experience for your visitors.

3. Evaluate Meta Data properly

Make some time to go through and update each and page title together with some descriptions. Remember, including an applicable keyword and description and phone number, address, or services is very important. Additionally, you should take in contact details and the city’s name while indicating the local business. Checking and evaluating the WordPress site completely can be a wise idea.

4. Regular update of WordPress software

As we all know, WordPress is open source which indicates out-of-date vulnerabilities are mostly recognized and can be demoralized. Employing the newest version or edition of WordPress is important to develop a safe installation. While updating the WordPress site, ensure you have backed up all the data and information. Even though a regular update of the WordPress website is essential, there might arise some problems while you update WordPress files impulsively, resulting in broken functions all over the site.



5. Keep all the plugins updated

Keeping the plugins updated is vital for maintaining the WordPress installation. Additionally, it is necessary to protect and maintain each and every modification in consequence of plugins. Now we are in the year 2016, and it will be smart to update the plugins available. Thus, you can also get some advice from some professionals to make sure the WordPress website works properly in the upcoming days.

6. Refresh and update content

Make sure the content you update on the WordPress site is out of error. Check for spelling, grammatical errors, and additional errors; correct them as soon as possible if you find them. Truly, be precise with the content by placing comprehensive details regarding the services and products that your organization holds. Keep in mind; search engines favor contents that are expressive and unique.

7. Delete old themes

Most of the old themes consist of vulnerability, which may create a great issue in the future. So, it is better to remove them while installing WordPress. Those old and unused themes can also trouble your side, making it slow. Thus, make sure you delete old themes and make your site better. Reading the above points, you can effortlessly update your WordPress site and make it handy. If you have any issues updating the WordPress site, you can always get help from a web design and development agency.