How To Rank Well In Google With Evergreen Content

No website would ever have climbed the stairs of success if it weren’t for high-quality content. ‘Content is king’ is an adage in the online world, but it still holds, even with the wide range of SEO software companies use to enhance their online reputation. But sometimes, even good content gets left behind for a good reason. For example, nobody on the internet would be reading up on the “Best SEO Tools of 2015” in 2016. The written piece may have been a brilliant one, but it lost its validity with time. However, such content can stand the test of time, and even years after being published, it would still fetch your website many new visitors.

This kind of content is known as evergreen content. Why evergreen? Because this type of content always stays relevant. An example of evergreen content is “What are SEO tools and their importance?” This kind of content answers basic questions that may be asked for a long period and hence, would generate traffic. Before we elaborate on how to use evergreen content effectively, it should be pointed out that bloggers and writers who create news-type stories cannot hope to do much with evergreen content. News stories tend to become obsolete and irrelevant. Here’s what you can do to get your website noticed on Google with the help of evergreen content!

The Content Needs to Have Certain Qualities

Content that is relevant over the years is not just the only criterion for high-quality evergreen content. The content needs more than relevance to survive and thrive for a long time. Firstly, the content should be elaborated. It should touch upon various topics and have a FAQ section as well. The content should also ensure clarity and usability and be made possible to share the content on as many social media platforms as possible.



Marketing the Content Well

You can’t just expect people to automatically come and check out what content you have to offer. You need effective marketing skills. Marketing on social media platforms is clichéd, and it is something everybody does now. If you have a blog, market the content through it. Incorporating your content in other closely related articles is a great way of catching people’s attention. Many SEO experts use top SEO tools to market their content more effectively.

Make it Visually Interesting.

No matter what top SEO software you use to help shape your content, you must ensure the final web page is visually appealing. You can have the best content globally, yet, if you don’t design the page well enough, you might see competitors with worse content race ahead of you in the Google rankings. Bring life to your web pages with the use of images and videos. Many people don’t have the time to go through elaborate pieces. For them, there’s nothing better than a page that presents information through images and videos.