New Internet Marketer – The Journey Begins

On February 12, 2016, I announced to the world that I would succeed. That’s right; I will win! I will become a successful Internet marketer and help others grow. So there you have it… I am on the line for everyone to see. I DID IT, but it’s one of the scariest things I have ever done in my adult business life. I deleted Everything; I mean EVERYTHING I have purchased, created, or utilized to educate myself on Internet Marketing. I will start from scratch and tell you about all the trials, tribulations, lessons, and tricks I learn on my journey to success.

This is My Quick Start Challenge to Succeed. I hope you come along, learn with me, and share your insights and Experience. This is my First Step. As my starting point, I wanted to make my Blog distinguishable from the millions of other Blogs, yes millions, on the internet. is a very reliable and inexpensive way to get a boatload of things done for $5.00. After reviewing the various designers and offers, I chose a vendor to design my logo.

Using Fiverr is great when you are getting started. I have also found that it’s a great way to choose from various vendors that can build long-lasting business relationships in many cases. Where else can someone find service providers, review their products, hire and evaluate them all for a small $5.00 investment? I am sure there are other competing websites offering similar services. Don’t waste a lot of time evaluating and comparing different websites. Just pick one and get started.

Why? Because Action is the Answer.

Suggestions from my Experience using Fiverr

One can easily get lost and overwhelmed using Fiverr if you don’t focus and use the search filters available. You can search for a vendor using many different search filters alone or in combination.

Internet Marketer


The Logo search filters I use are:

Delivery Time (Depends on your timetable.) Top Rated Sellers tend to be good in both short & longer delivery times.
Logo Type (Your Preference)
Logo Style (Your Preference)
Seller Level (Top Rated) The More Reviews, the Better!
Language (English)
Thought for Today: Take the Next Step

The Next Step

Deciding to take the next step was easy; the problem became which action I should take. It seems that this is the very point where everyone has a different opinion about how to start your online business. Of course, one is very different from the other. Build a website, don’t build a website, create a blog, become an affiliate marketer, and the list goes on and on… I hate being indecisive and firmly believe that a bad decision is better than no decision, and no decision is still a decision to do nothing. After all, I spent $5.00 creating a logo, didn’t I??? The obvious conclusion for me was to start with a website.


The more I thought about it, the more I started thinking about the issues, opportunities and needs down the road. Exactly what do I need to address my future strategy requirements? Please wait a minute; I never told you about my strategy. Sorry about that oversight. OK, it was a flat-out mistake. One of the many things I have learned in life is that you can make or let things happen. I have done both. Making things happen is a great deal more fun and rewarding. It’s like speeding down the road in your car and making a great time, but you don’t know where you are going. Regrettably, I have done that many times and don’t want to do it now.

Sound familiar?

Where do I want to end my journey, or better yet, what do I want to accomplish during my trip? After much thought, I realized I didn’t fully investigate why I wanted to create an Internet business. At this point, I feel like I keep moving back to understand better how to move forward. Am I getting ahead and complicating things without a basic understanding of where I want and need to go?

Yes, I am. I decided to slow down and simplify my thoughts and subsequent actions. Some fundamental questions need answering to get moving in the right direction. Here are the questions and answers I decided are necessary to succeed in my future Internet Business.

Question: Why do I want to create an Internet business?


– Became financially self-sustaining with my own business and created something for my family to build upon and enjoy.

– Have my children partner and work with me.

– Increase my self-confidence, pride, and personal fulfillment in business.

– Enjoy a life free of financial concern.

Question: What must my successful Internet business accomplish?


It must make Business, Operational, and Financial sense. It must be automated, scalable, sustainable, and provide quality products/services. The products and services must give our clients profitable business and personal solutions. All products and services must be supported by value, integrity, and honesty.

Question: How will I create an Internet business?


I will turn the Whys into specific objectives, followed by the required tasks, daily routines, deadlines, and measurement criteria. Most importantly and continuously, I will evaluate the progress of adjusting the strategy as needed.

Business – Objectives

Build a Profitable Mailing List

Create an Automated Business that is Scalable and Sustainable

Offer Digital Products and Services of High Value and Profit

Operational – Required Tasks, Daily Routines, and Deadlines

The task to Complete Deadline

Create and Buy a Domain February 16, 2016

Select Hosting Provider February 16, 2016

Select Auto Responder Provider February 16, 2016

Decide on Traffic Methods and Sources February 16, 2016

Select Products/Services to Sell February 16, 2016

Create Squeeze Page & Opt-in Form February 16, 2016

Build/Automate Email Promotional Mailings February 20, 2016

Second Phase Step to Create a Sales Funnel February 23, 2016

Financial – Set Financial Goals, Measure, Evaluate, and Adjust

The task to Complete Deadline

Create a Monthly Net Income of $10,000. June 1, 2016

It doesn’t look like much, but I assure you it took longer to think through than it did to commit to writing. However, I now have a track to run on, follow with an end in mind.

It’s a dynamic strategy that will be adjusted and fine-tuned along the way.

The next most important thing for me is to take action. I do not know any measure, but the right action will accomplish my tasks and objectives by the stated deadline.

How will I decide if it is the right action to take?

I have been in sales and sales management for many years. It is easy to get sidetracked and do unnecessary work with little value or beneficial results. I like simplicity. If it’s simple, then it is easy to understand and implement.